A 6000-Episode Reality TV Streaming Service is Now Available in Canada

Hey binge-watchers, we found a whole new way to fuel your bad habit!

Have you ever experienced the stress that comes from missing Bachelor Monday? You need to make sure you’re tuned in with your facemask on and glass of wine in hand at exactly the right time every single week. Escaping the real world to dive into the drama of reality TV can be a time consuming habit — and it isn’t always easy. But now, there’s a solution to this struggle. Hayu, an on-demand reality TV streaming site from NBCUniversal International, is available in Canada. Hayu makes it possible for reality TV fans to access over 6000 episodes from more than 200 shows, with over 750 new episodes added each year, including genre classics like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Real Housewives.


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“The proven healthy appetite for reality programming amongst Canadian viewers is reinforced by early enthusiasm for hayu, with thousands already bingeing on multiple favourite shows – and we are excited to build momentum with Canadian subscribers,” says Hendrik McDermott, SVP, Branded On-Demand, NBCUniversal International.

The site is available on a range of app stores and devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs, and its portable feature allows users to download shows and watch them on the go. With most episodes available the day they air and with entire seasons accessible, hayu makes bingeing unscripted day-to-day drama possible. For only $5.99 a month and no contract necessary, you can sign up at hayu now and begin a one month free trial. Which means there’s a good chance you’ll be locking yourself in your bedroom and bingeing all 62 seasons of The Real Housewives franchise. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.