Photograph courtesy of Farfetch

Gucci and Farfetch Bring ‘Open House’ Project to Toronto with Just John and Maya Fuhr

Featuring Just John and Maya Fuhr.

Earlier this year, e-commerce giant Farfetch teamed up with Gucci to create a new content series called Open House. The idea? To take fans of the brand and site into the homes and neighbourhoods of members of its community.

In a release, the project is described as going “into the homes of [the Community] to explore how the city and culture around them influences their personal styles looking at each person’s fashion choices in the context of their home and city environments.” The hope is that “lovers of Gucci [will] discover new season pieces from the brand in an entirely new way.”

This month, the lens is focused on Toronto with rapper Just John and artist Maya Fuhr opening their homes for the project. We spoke with Just John about his life in Toronto, how it inspired his sound and his favourite hangouts are in the city.

just john
Photograph courtesy of Farfetch

How does Toronto influence your life and style?

“I forged my sound through the vibrancy of Toronto’s DIY art scene. I sharpened my teeth performing at open mics and artist-run venues including a brick and mortar I ran for two years known as Blank Canvas Gallery that has now become our art organization. I would consider myself grounded in contemporary hip-hop but I have always had a punk energy in my performances, and that comes from the DIY lifestyle I was engulfed in here in Toronto. The mosh pits at shows and events, the expression, the connection with people, the relentless sharing, sleeping there after wild nights. The sharp cadences and flows comes from the 2am cyphers at Dundas, Queen or Bloor corners after a party. The stories and wanting to have a voice come from the marginalized communities far and wide and my lived experiences dealing with my own personal social injustices like police brutality and being pushed out of spaces. My voice, my truth and platform grew out of these spaces, I’m a product of my community.”

Where are your favourite hangouts in Toronto?
The Studio, S/0 DOT at 669 Queen St. W
My haven to create. The owner there, Dot, has forged such a vibrant space to work in and vibe.

Sideways Studio on Geary
“I work closely with @Mr.Legendavey, one of the founders at Sideways Studios – they’re a music platform that showcases talented artists, plus their stage design is sick. So I hang around there a lot. I like being on Geary ’cause it’s a bit away but the strip’s known for dope warehouse parties and I feel it’s having a resurgence.”

The Libertine and Apt. 200
“If I’m not at an art installation, I’m probably at one of these clubs. I have a lot of colleagues who are active in these spots, the movers and shakers are always doing something here and it’s on the pulse. I have mad respect for Phil at Libertine and Zach at Saintwoods and what they do to contribute to the cultural landscape.”

Hear more from Just John here and see inside Maya’s home here.

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