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Someone Made Some Bold Edits to Green Book’s Wikipedia Page After Its Oscar Win

Have you watched Lying White Guilt Trash yet?

ICYMI, a LOT of people were upset about Green Book’s Best Picture win at last night’s Oscars, including Spike Lee, who tried to leave the theatre when the win was announced. The reasons for this are multifold: the historical inaccuracies of the film and the failure to involve Dr Don Shirley’s family in the process, the white saviour complex at the heart of the film’s narrative, the overly simplistic way of looking at race relations in America, and the fact that the film’s director, Peter Farrelly, has sexually harassed people in the past (as a “joke”), while its writer Nick Vallelonga is very clearly Islamophobic, attempting to corroborate, in a fairly recent tweet, Donald Trump’s completely false claim that Muslims were rejoicing on 9/11.

Someone evidently rather dismayed at the film’s win quickly took to Wikipedia as an outlet for their rage, changing the film’s title on the page to Lying White Guilt Trash while its writing credits were updated to read: Serial Liar and Islamophobe Nick Vallelonga and Sexual Harasser Peter Farrelly.

Elsewhere, on the Oscars 2019 Wikipedia page, the film’s title was changed to Wack Ass Oscar Bait.

Of course, Wikipedia editors quickly undid these changes, but screenshots live forever.

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