The Most Meme-Worthy Moments From This Year’s Grammys

“Hello, Grammys? Why is JLo doing a Motown tribute?“

Whether it’s a model holding a water bottle or a plus one falling asleep in the crowd, award shows are a gold mine for relatable moments, handy reaction GIFs and quick photo quips. When you fill a stadium with celebrities, promise to celebrate their accomplishments, encourage them to make bold fashion statements, glue a video camera to their face and then broadcast the footage to 20 million viewers, you must expect the internet to do what it does best: capture moments, and make viral memes. Here are some of the best from last night’s Grammys:

Cardi B Wears Vintage Mugler 

CONTEXT: Actually, she wears four different looks from Thierry Mugler’s archives — each of them more impressive than the last. And, each with their own pop culture reference. It’s only the second time in 25 years that Mugler has presented looks from their archive to dress a celebrity, but there’s an opportunity to explore more of these iconic pieces: just head to our March cover story.

Lady Gaga Gives a Stare

CONTEXT: In a meta movie-meets-reality moment, Mother Monster performed “Shallow,” the hit single from her Oscar-nominated film A Star is Born, as Lady Gaga. (Or maybe it was as Ally, we aren’t quite sure.) At the end of the performance, she bent over awkwardly to stare into the camera—and into our souls.

Diana Ross Celebrates Her Birthday

CONTEXT: Like only an icon could, Diana Ross took to the Grammys stage and celebrated her birthday by giving herself a two-song tribute performance. “Thank you for being here to celebrate my 75th birthday,” she told the crowd, refusing to acknowledge the fact that her birthday isn’t until March 26. She sang “Reach Out and Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” as she walked through the crowd, before demanding that everyone in the crowd raise their hands, stepping onto a pedestal and proclaiming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!”

Katy Perry Cosplays as a Paint Roller

CONTEXT: It’s from Balmain’s Spring 2019 Couture collection.

J. Lo, Latin Icon, Gives a Motown Tribute

CONTEXT: Few performers put on a show like Jennifer Lopez. But, was the high-energy pop singer/actress/dancer the right person to give a Grammys Motown tribute? Maybe not.

Diana Ross’ daughter, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, appeared on home viewers’ screens for just a moment during a mid-performance audience shot. The crowd around her is smiling and applauding, but Kendrick is seen crossing her leg, talking intently into her cell phone.

Alicia Keys Plays Many Keys

CONTEXT: Alicia Keys, who has 15 Grammy Awards of her own, served as the host of last night’s awards. Between making a case for make-up free skin and sharing her calming, cool aunt aura, Keys stole the spotlight with a medley of covers featuring two pianos.