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Everything We Know About the Upcoming Gossip Girl Reboot

Welcome back, Upper East Siders...

It’s official; our favourite Upper East Siders are getting a reboot. It was just announced yesterday that Gossip Girl will be returning to the small screen 8 years after the original show’s finale. But, before you get too excited, this reboot will not be following the original cast. This time, a new group of obscenely rich and privileged teens will be at the centre of New York City’s go-to website for gossip. It will be interesting to see how 2000s era Gossip Girl translates to our hyper connected society. For one, Serena van der Woodsen’s flip phone would be switched out for a sleek iPhone X, and no doubt Instagram would be the be-all-end-all of Blair’s rein as ‘Queen Bee’.

Here’s everything we know so far:

  • There will be 10 hour-long episodes.
  • The official summary for the series reads as: “eight years after the original website went dark, a new generation of New York private school teens are introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. The prestige series will address just how much social media—and the landscape of New York itself—has changed in the intervening years.”
  • A release date has not yet been set for the new series.
  • When it does air, it can be viewed through HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, which is set to launch in spring 2020.
  • Joshua Safran will write and executive produce the new show.
  • Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, the show’s original creators, will act as executive producers on the project.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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