Forget about K.Stew, here’s all the info and images we could scrounge up from Liberty Ross’s amazing fashion career!

Photography by Peter Stigter
Photography by Peter Stigter

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While our reaction may not have been quite on par with Nutty Madam’s (please do yourself a favor and watch her “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KRISTEN?!” video), we were definitely all taken by surprise when revelations of Kristen Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, her much older, married-with-two-kids Snow White and the Huntsman director, came to light on Tuesday.

While we’re obviously feeling for poor, beautiful Robert Pattinson during this tumultuous time, it’s Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross who has emerged as the most sympathetic and interesting figure out of the entire debacle. Aside from a bit of cryptic social media usage, the polished Ross has remained completely mum about the whole affair so far, which of course means we’ve had to go digging on her.

So who is Ross exactly? Well, she’s a famous British model, whose long and successful career has taken her everywhere from Burberry ads with friend Kate Moss to being the face of Dior Addict Parfum’s racy, body-baring ad campaign. A favourite of Mario Testino’s, Ross was (and still is) one of the best-known models to have come out of Britain. Her many editorial appearances alongside Moss, her nab of the “Model of the Year” award at the 2000 Elle Style Awards and landing glossy covers ranging from British Vogue to French L’Officiel are just a few of her many fashion accolades. In fact, she was the one with all the star power in her and Sanders’ relationship up until very recently—SWATH was his first venture into blockbuster films.

For those of you who have been living under a rock (seriously, it’s hard to navigate the web right now without seeing some mention of Robsten), here’s a quick recap of the scandal:

Stewart (who we will forthwith only refer to as K. Stew) was captured by Us Weekly on Monday night canoodling with Sanders in an abandoned house (interesting choice). The next day, K. Stew released an uncharacteristically emotional apology to Pattinson, closely followed by a more restrained public apology from Sanders to his wife and children.

Ross, who played K. Stew’s mom in the film (we know, this story just keeps getting weirder and weirder), tweeted “Wow” just a few hours before the story broke, then de-activated her account soon after. She also allegedly instagrammed an image of a crying, alcohol-chugging Snow White with the caption “Not so pretty or pure afterall …..” (though it hasn’t been confirmed if that is indeed her account).

What do you think about the whole K. Stew-Sanders debacle? Have they dealt with it as well as they could have by immediately fessing up, or do you think their statements were merely a push from their publicity teams?

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