Fashion at CIFF: Rocker chic invades the fest for Rock Prophecies party

Photography by Maryanne Bilham
Photography by Maryanne Bilham

In the immortal words of Mick Jagger, “It’s only rock ’n’ roll but I like it!” There wasn’t much not to like about the award-winning documentary Rock Prophecies, which screened Saturday night at the Calgary International Film Festival. From director John Chester, this film explored the life of Robert Knight, an iconic rock photog who’s snapped everyone from Led Zepplin to Aussie band Sick Puppies.

After hearing the film’s wicked soundtrack, I was tempted to skip the after bash and head home to host my own personal party, complete with some long-shelved LPs, but I did my film fest duty and headed down to the Barley Mill for the bash. It may have been a red carpet show but it wasn’t necessarily a chi-chi kind of night–hink Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendrix, not Madonna or Beyoncé. Rocker was the fashion choice for the evening–jeans, concert tees, and leather jackets ruled. Conversation starters included the “roadie look”–psychedelic shorts printed with Jim Morrison’s face and paired with a jean jacket, ball cap and long grey hair. Groupie lookalikes with tight low cut tees and staggering stilettos were also scene-stealers. But for the most part comfort was in.

The band was loud, the booze hard–yes, Jägermeister shots were served–and with another unseasonably warm night for Calgary the bar was packed with post film revellers. And in typical rock ’n’ roll fashion the party went into the wee hours. Not for this wee lassie though, there’s still another week to go!

By Karen Ashbee

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