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Everything That Upset The Internet This Week

TGIF. As always, there were lots of hot topics creating buzz on the web this week. So if you feel like “getting into it” with a friend, family member, or total stranger over the next couple of days, here is everything you need to know. Isn’t controversy fun?

Donald Trump wears a mismatched suit

THE STORY: On Wednesday, the White House released a photo of President Trump meeting with Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. The statement said the two spoke about improving race relations in America, among other important political topics. Most people, however, were distracted by Trump’s outfit: a navy blue suit jacket with black pants. Seemingly from a different suit.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Alright, so navy and black isn’t always cringe-worthy. Sometimes, it’s cool. Monsieur Christian Dior once said: “Among all colours, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities.” The colour combo is a motif in Dior’s Fall 2017 collection, and a trend we’ll likely be seeing in street style this fall. I don’t, however, think that Trump was pulling his outfit inspo from the French luxury brand. That outfit is awful — and the bright blue tie doesn’t help. But criticizing Trump for his fashion sense distracts us from the more his more serious critiques. Say, for example, his defence of white supremacists in Charlottesville, his plan to end DACA and his decision to ban transgender individuals from serving in the military.

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MUA creates Hurricane Irma inspired look

THE STORY: Makeup artist named Kali Harlow tried to “raise awareness” for Hurricane Irma — which has caused dozens of deaths and millions of dollars in damage — by doing an eye makeup look.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Making light of a natural disaster is never cute. That said, I don’t think Harlow was trying to make this trend go viral and get a load of online attention. It’s not uncommon for creative people to take inpso from dark (and controversial) subject matters. Makeup artists are artists too, right?


Amazon censors bad reviews for Hilary Clinton’s new book

THE STORY: Hilary Clinton’s memoir (re: last year’s election) was released on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, the Guardian reports that there were more than 1,500 reviews of 512 page novel on Some reviews were really really good, others were really really bad, and few reviews seem to actually be about the book. Then something weird happened: a bunch of reviews were delete, and 95 percent of the reviews that remained were positive of Clinton’s book.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Book reviews are for reviews of a book, not one’s opinions of the politics of its author. Quartz, which tracked the reviews in detail, said that of those 1,500 original reviews, “only 338 were from users with verified purchases of the book.” Amazon did the right thing in censoring out those who attempted to provide feedback on a piece of text without actually reading it. These Hillary hating trolls probably aren’t ever going to read her book anyway.

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Start-up plans to replace community corner stores

THE STORY: Two former Google employees plan on replacing local mom-and-pop convenience stores with glorified, high-tech vending machines. They’re calling their company “Bodega,” which is what independent community mini-marts are commonly referred to in New York and Los Angeles.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: TBH this is a cool idea — and it sounds like it would make my life easier. But, to appropriate the nickname of those you plan to put out of business? Yikes. “To me, it is offensive for people who are not Hispanic to use the name ‘bodega,’ to make a quick buck,” Frank Garcia, chairman of the New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, told Fast Company. “It’s disrespecting all the mom-and-pop bodega owners that started these businesses in the ’60s and ’70s.” He added, “We would ask our Hispanic community not to use the service because they are not really bodegas. Real bodegas are all about human relationships within a community, having someone you know greet you and make the sandwich you like.”

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