Episode 7: They Meet Again

Hillside Villas. Audrina returns home after a weekend away with Justin Bobby. She tells Lauren that she and J.B. “had good talks, fooled around and were silly,” and that J.B. finally agreed to be her boyfriend. We don’t see him in this episode, though, because he’s at home recovering from his lobotomy.

Heidi and Spencer’s. I am pleased to report that Spencer has finally moved from the couch­–he is now sitting in the kitchen. At this rate, he should make it out the front door by the end of the season! He and Heidi joke around and generally look cute and affectionate. This scares me a little, so we’re going to move on.

Bolthouse. Heidi instructs her sweet new secretary, Lacey, to put calls from Spencer, Brent and Jen through any time and to take messages from everyone else. Brent makes sense, but can’t Spencer and Jen call Heidi’s cellphone? Elodie, eavesdropping from her desk, is clearly unimpressed.

Regent Beverly Wilshire. Whitney and Lauren are scouting locations for the annual Young Hollywood party. The hotel sales rep leaves them alone to explore for a moment, but the girls barely wait until she’s exited the room before eschewing work discussion in favour of a more interesting topic: Jason. Lauren claims he’s a different person now, and Whitney is… well, Whitney. She makes cute faces and is supportive and optimistic.

Bolthouse. Heidi shows up with two cellphones in hand and asks Lacey to transfer “the Bolthouse contacts and…all the contacts” from her old phone to her new one. Lacey, who I like to believe is constantly reminding herself that she has approximately 728 days to go before she’ll have been at Bolthouse long enough to steal Heidi’s job, gets right to it. Elodie walks by and glares.

Restaurant. Lauren meets Jason for dinner, and they are in the midst of flirting cutely when who should show up but Heidi and Spencer. It seems nothing gets that boy’s butt off the couch faster than the opportunity to bait his “enemy.” Sure enough, he makes a beeline for Lauren’s table. “It’s great to see you guys back together; it’s heartwarming,” he smarms. He and Heidi then take a seat across the room. “Maybe she picked him up at rehab,” Spencer jokes. “Maybe she picked him up out of jail,” Heidi replies. “Maybe they’re back into moviemaking action.” She then flags a waitress, and the gruesome twosome send a bottle of water and a Shirley Temple to Lauren’s table. This is too much for Lauren, who asks Jason to take her home before he can dish out some “serious beat-downs.” Heidi waves and yells goodbye from her table as they exit. Heidi is getting mean. Spencer better watch his back; the girl doesn’t have many friends left to alienate and she’s bound to turn on him one of these days.

Teen Vogue. Lauren doesn’t even pretend to care about work today, immediately launching into a recap of the previous night’s events. Whitney makes cute faces and is (brace yourself, this is a shocker) supportive.

Guess who’s not so supportive? As soon as she arrives at work, Heidi corners Elodie and monologues about Lauren and Jason for a minute, somehow not noticing that Elodie is alternately rolling her eyes and glaring. When Heidi finishes, Elodie waits a beat before asking, “So, what exactly did you do to her that makes her not even wanna accept a drink?” Heidi, unprepared, has no response, so Elodie keeps going. “And you were also friends with Audrina, and now she doesn’t talk to you anymore. You were friends with Whitney, too. You don’t even know what’s wrong and what’s right anymore. It’s so sad.” As Heidi stares back in shock, four million viewers stand up and cheer.

Next week: Heidi shops for a wedding dress, Spencer lets slip that his parents don’t know he’s engaged, Lauren finds out that Jason has a fiancée, and Whitney drinks, which might lead to her doing something besides acting supportive and optimistic!

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