Episode 23: Just be careful

As the show opens, Whitney is busy recapping her New York trip for Lauren, detailing all of her backstage duties. "That’s like my ideal job," Lauren says wistfully. "I know," Whitney replies. "I mean, while I was doing it, I was like, ‘Lauren would be loving this right now.’"

Who wouldn’t love to work for Kelly Cutrone? "Rules for Fashion Week," she says at a staff meeting. "What’s expected of you is complete devotion… I would plan to be here every night to at least 11 o’clock. You’re going to wear all black. I don’t wanna see your boobs, I don’t wanna see any piercings… Do not roll your eyes at me, do not question what it is we’re asking you to do. I ‘m not here to be your friend; [Partner] Emily, you’re not here to be their friend… we really care about ourselves more; we already know this job, but we will do our best to help teach you." She then chews out the L.A. office’s publicist for not having press schedules ready. Whitney takes this opportunity to make a simple yet practical suggestion about one of the shows, and Kelly and Emily shower her with praise. The more seasoned employees plot her demise.

Teen Vogue. Lauren looks sadly at Whitney’s empty desk, then gives her a call. Whitney’s too busy to talk, but she wishes Lauren was there to help her. "I wish I was there, too," Lauren says.

Heidi has apparently forgiven Steph for hanging out with Lauren, which, let’s face it, she pretty much has to do if she wants to have anyone to talk to. They’re enjoying a girl’s night out at Vice nightclub when they spy Audrina across the room. Heidi is obviously desperate to get back into that circle, so she goes to talk to her. "There have been times when I’ve just cried and cried and been so alone," she says. "I need my girlfriends." She tells Audrina to call her anytime.

Equinox Gym. Lauren has never before been this interested in what’s going on with Whitney’s job. She looks almost wistful at the thought of insane schedules and crazy bosses, and expresses interest in seeing the office. Whitney invites her to visit during lunch the following day.

Computer class. Steph tells Lauren that Heidi and Audrina talked for a long time at Vice. "It kinda seems like they’re cool now," she says, and a familiar smirk plays around the corners of her mouth. Could the reluctant meddler still be alive in there?

Hillside Villas. "Be careful," Lauren tells Audrina. "[Heidi] is someone who’s going to stab you in the back." Audrina says she has no intention of being friends with Heidi. "I think that you’re a really nice person and sometimes people take advantage of that," Lauren says.  "You’ve been such a good friend to me, and I’m not gonna go behind your back and hang out with someone that’s done bad things to you," Audrina assures her.

People’s Revolution. Lauren drops by, but Whitney has no time for lunch, so she puts Lauren to work instead. Emily spies them working together so efficiently and offers to bring Lauren on for Fashion Week.

Hillside Villas. Heidi drops by to pick up some furniture she left behind when she moved. "It’s so awkward being in here," she says. She tells Audrina, again, to give her a call.

True to her word, Audrina doesn’t sneak around behind Lauren’s back. "When you were gone today, Heidi came over," she says. "Why the hell was she in here?" Lauren asks. "I dunno, she came to get her stuff," Audrina replies, smiling nervously and plainly rethinking the whole honesty thing. "Grab her stuff and leave, then," Lauren growls. "Why is she coming in here and making herself at home? It’s not her home anymore." Audrina doesn’t know what to say, and the roommates simply stare at each other as the credits roll.

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