How Daria Werbowy spends her time back home in Toronto (hint: being super chill)

In a modelling world dominated by Gigi, Kendall and Cara, there’s Daria Werbowy. The 32-year-old supe, who we can smugly call our country’s own (the Mississauga-raised model has been on our cover nine times) will never dominate any of your feeds. She only joined Instagram so that her family could keep tabs on her, and even then, she doesn’t post that frequently. Purposely living her life on the DL in Ireland, a typical day consists of coffee, picking up cut stones and seaweed on the beach and shooting the shit with a neighbour. Recently in town to fête Lancome’s 80th anniversary—for whom she’s been a spokesmodel for since 2005—we asked her how she spends her time when she’s back home.

The thrill of the find
While her first order of business is seeing family and friends, next is vintage shopping. “I have, like, a spiritual connection, for lack of a better word, to this one store in Kensington,” she says. “It doesn’t have a name. Sometimes I can’t even find it.” While she’s never looking for anything in particular, her digging at said mysterious place usually yields her a haul that includes denim, plaid shirts, various kinds of shoes and “always some leather jacket.” But the one score that still sticks out in her mind is a floor length coat from Afghanistan for $30. “It’s double breasted and it has this weird thing underneath, like an extra panel so that you don’t get sand on your clothes. It’s very cool.”

“I practice yoga a lot, so I go to Downward Dog.” Could you imagine catching her in your class in Tree Pose?

Scenic routes
An avid sailor, she’s always taking a spin with her brother on his boat. Other times, they go for trips down memory lane. “Sometimes we even do little road trips to Mississauga,” she says. “We’ll drive down our old street. I’ve driven by my high school a couple of times.” She also loves checking out alleyways and looking at graffiti, claiming there’s always good spots at Christie Pits park. That’s usually followed by some bibimbap in nearby Koreatown.

Coffee time
The woman knows a good roast. We were delighted to hear that Werbowy has a soft spot for the same brew that we do, Cut Coffee, the in-house roast from Sam James Coffee Bar. Friendly with owner James and employee Doug Brown, Werbowy also has kind words for Brown’s other pursuit. “Doug’s a great artist, actually.”