Your Comic-Con 2017 Trailer Roundup: Riverdale, Stranger Things, Wonder Woman and More

It was a big weekend for comic books blockbuster and TV trailer reveals. The entertainment industry was buzzing with excitement, and not just over zombies, cyborgs and superhero stuff. From Riverdale to Thor to The Walking Dead, Comic-Con gave us a lot to look forward to over the next few months.

For your viewing convenience, here’s a definitive roundup of the biggest and best trailers from the weekend.

Justice League (Nov. 19)

This DC Universe meets The Avengers trailer might as well be a trailer for Wonder Woman II — and we’re 110% OK with that. Also, Jason Momoa is Aquaman. ‘Nuff said.

Stranger Things, Season 2 (Oct. 27)

More ’80s music, more ’80s fashion, more monsters and more Eleventhough apparently she has a new haircut.

Thor: Ragnarok (Oct. 25)

The Avengers gets its first bromance flick! The Hulk and Thor road trip narrative is the Due Date in space we never knew we needed.

Riverdale, Season 2 (Oct. 11)

Jason’s murder may be solved, but the drama isn’t over (obviously). Fun fact: Ottawa-born actress Vanessa Morgan will be joining the cast for season 2.

Bright (Dec. 22)

Will Smith finds someone to be racist against in Netflix’s most expensive movie yet. It looks awesome, but, TBH, I’d rather watch this action-heavy crime thriller on the big screen than in bed.

Westworld, Season 2 (2018)

Our favourite robot uprising somehow involves a a dead tiger in its new season—though nobody seems to know why. Either way, we’re still rooting for the rogue cyborgs.

Kingsmen: The Golden Circle (Sept. 22)

The surprisingly awesome British spy film is back, and it’s going to ‘Merica to meet Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges.

The Walking Dead, Season 8 (Oct. 22)

The dead are still walking, but the war is just getting started between the Saviours and Rick’s OG crew. Because the whole zombies vs. humans thing wasn’t enough violent drama, right?

Ready Player One (March 2018)

Steven Spielberg’s ambitious next film is about an ’80s-obsessed video-game junkie living in 2040. Essentially, he’s directing a movie that’s about nostalgia for his own movies. How meta.

The Gifted, Season 1 (Oct. 2)

The X-Men universe is getting a new TV series. The Fox show follows two teenage sibling mutants, whose father (inconveniently) catches and jails mutants for a living.

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