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Chris Evans Got Into a Hilarious Twitter Feud With Canada

"What did I ever do to you, Canada?"

Yesterday, ET Canada posted the announcement that Chris Evans would be starring in new dystopian film Infinite but chose a, shall we say, not-so-flattering photo of the actor with a moustache to go with it.

To which the star obviously had no choice but to respond, calling out the “act of aggression” against him. (FYI, Evans had to grow the moustache for a Broadway role last year, and he wasn’t all that happy about it.)

Other celebrities chimed in, in solidarity with the actor.

Fortunately, Netflix Canada stepped into de-escalate what could have blown into a Chris Evans-Canada feud.

They quickly unleashed a barrage of photos of Chris Evans looking hot in various scenarios: ‘hot thoughtful Chris Evans,’ ‘hot while casually lounging Chris Evans’ and ‘hot in flannel Chris Evans.’ Scroll through for all the hunky photos that someone at Netflix Canada very thoughtfully dug up to make amends between Canada and the Always Hot Chris Evans.

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