17 Cheesy Vacation Shots That Prove Celebs Can Be Basic, Too

Except, you know, they're all on yachts.

We’ve finally done it. We’ve taken the notion of “Celebs, they’re just like us” to the extreme and found the most equalizing common denominator among celebs and us normies: cheesy vacation photos. Everyone’s taken them. (Except when you’re a super rich celeb, most of your vacations take place on a multi-million dollar yacht. Still, it’s pretty much the same!)

So when Beyoncé graciously shared a sneak peek into her family’s summer vacay with the world, we started thinking of the other wonderfully cliché photos celebrities have posted. For example: who can ever forget that time when the queen cheeseball, Taylor Swift, posted some over-the-top cliché photos while on vacation with her now ex-boo, Calvin Harris. (Initials in the sand and all.)

And so, browse the gallery below for our picks of the 17 cheesiest celeb vacation photos of all time. When you’re smooching under the Eiffel Tower or enjoying sunset dinner in Santorini, how could you not capture the moment?