Photo by Samir Hussein/Redferns

Céline Dion Spilled a Lot of Tea on Andy Cohen’s Show This Week

The music icon dished on everything from her love life to tabloid rumours to her favourite red carpet outfits.

Over the course of her 40-year career in show business, Céline Dion has done it all. But this week marked a significant first: her debut appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the only live show in late night. “I’m so giddy with anticipation for Céline Dion to make her clubhouse debut that I feel like Rose in Titanic, before the boat sunk!” Cohen told People ahead of the show’s taping. “She is a singular force in music and we will celebrate her as such!” Dion, who is currently on the road with her Courage World Tour promoting her new album Courage, dished on everything from her love life to tabloid rumours to her favourite red carpet outfits.

On some of her most iconic looks
Andy Cohen presented Dion with snapshots of some of her most memorable looks over the years, asking whether she’d keep or toss the outfit in question. When asked about the strapless white tulle dress she wore to the 1992 American Music Awards, she had just one question: “Did I win that night? If I won something that night, I keep the dress.” Of a sexy 1988 appearance in gold sequins, she said, “I’m going to keep it. You know why? Because we didn’t have money and that was made specifically for me.” And of her iconic white John Galliano suit, which she wore backwards to the Oscars in 1999, she said, “Oh my goodness. Everybody was wearing gowns. But I feel that I was the rare one, lets put it this way, wearing pants on a red carpet. And people thought I’d made a mistake because I was late and that I’d put the jacket reverse. I’m not stupid. It was meant to be like that.”

On how she almost rejected one of the greatest hits of her career
In a speed round titled “It’s All Coming Back to Celine,” Cohen asked the singer about everything from her musical icons to which public figures have impressed her the most to the one song she didn’t want to record. The answer to that last one was a big shocker: Dion almost said no to “My Heart Will Go On,” the song that went on to win an Oscar, a Golden Globe and several Grammys. “There’s one song that I didn’t want to record. And I’m glad that they didn’t listen to me… It didn’t appeal to me, I was probably very tired that day, I don’t know. And my husband said, ‘hold on, let’s try to make a little demo.’ And I sang the song once, and they built the orchestra around it. So I never re-sang it. The demo is the actual recording.”

On the possibility of remarrying one day
During the segment of the show when viewers call in to personally ask a question of the show’s guest, a caller from Toronto asked, “Would you ever consider getting re-married? And are you currently dating?” René Angélil, Dion’s lifelong manager and husband of over 20 years, passed away in 2016 and she hasn’t been officially linked with anyone since. “I don’t date, I don’t have a boyfriend,” she said. “It doesn’t mean that I will not find someone in my life. If I do that would be great, if I don’t that would be great, because I’m still in love. Once you’re in love so much—you know, I’ve been living all my life with René, he’s still within me, I see him through the eyes of my children everyday. I’m so passionate about life and I’m so lucky to have my three beautiful sons. But I keep everything open… If I had someone in my life I would tell you because I’ve been an open book all my life.”

On rumours that she was dating her best friend
Earlier this year, rumours began circulating that Dion was in a relationship with 34-year-old Pepe Munoz, a false story she put to rest recently and addressed again on Cohen’s show. “I was not surprised [about the rumours]. It’s just that because we’re best friends, we’re in show business—the tabloids, this industry is made for that… It feels like today you cannot have a man holding your hand. They didn’t know anything about him. Until one day I said he’s gay. He’s not my boyfriend, calm down. I’m not trying to hide here. Everything’s cool. But we can hold hands, we can go to the movies and restaurants, calm down people!”

Like she said, she’s an open book and no one gives it to you straight quite like Queen Céline.