11 of the Most Famous Celebrity Tattoo Regrets (and One Soon-to-Be Regret)

Jennifer Lawrence showed off her minuscule hand tattoo at last weekend’s Comic-Con festival. And like all J-Law news, it’s generating buzz. Calling it the “most un-rebellious tattoo,” the Oscar-winning actress wasn’t afraid to point out her carelessness for not Googling the “h20” symbol prior to getting inked. (For those who didn’t spot the mistake, the two in her h20 tattoo is placed a little too high.) Although Lawrence poked fun at her error, it did get us thinking about the many celebs that have gotten tattoos and later regretted it. And looking at this list, there are quite a few.

Many regrets come from tats that were done in the spur of the moment and deemed fun at the time (see: Kelly Osbourne and Demi Lovato), but if we were to pick the most popular reason for removing a tattoo, it’s ones that involves a former partner’s name. Celebrities are obsessed with inking the names of their significant other as the ultimate stamp of love. Result? Major damage control when things don’t end happily ever after. Case in point: Johnny Depp. We can never forget Depp infamously altering his “Winona Forever” tattoo (a nod to his then-girlfriend, Winona Ryder) to “Wino Forever,” but you would think he would have learned his lesson. Recently, Depp was spotted with another altered tattoo. Formerly reading “Slim” across his right knuckles in honour of his ex-wife Amber Heard (apparently it was his nickname for her), it now currently reads “scum.” Ouch.

From Angelina Jolie‘s former tat tribute to ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton to Pharell Williams‘ scary full-sleeve cover-up procedure, we tracked down 10 stars who regretted their tattoos in recent history (and Miley Cyrus, who will soon regret hers once she finds out it’s actually Saturn and not Jupiter, as she intended). And if this is a lesson to us all, think long and hard before you run to your nearest parlour for your next ink appointment. Or better yet, opt for temporary tattoos like inkbox. They may not be permanent, but they too carry a wow factor.