Photography courtesy of Burberry

Your Complete Guide to Celebrity Kids and Their Impending World Domination

It’s a good time to be an offspring of the rich and famous— Maya Thurman stars in All Saints’ Spring 2017 campaign, Iris Law is Burberry’s new beauty ambassador, Lourdes Leon landed a Stella McCartney fragrance campaign, Kaia Gerber landed her first-ever fashion campaign, and Brooklyn Beckham nabbed a gig shooting for Burberry’s latest fragrance. Yes, the era of grown up celebrity spawn is upon us, and with it, all the trappings of nepotism!

Okay, maybe that’s a little unfair to say—these kids are tailor-made for the spotlight, after all. They’re young, beautiful, and completely bereft of the usual awkward unpleasantness most adolescents are subjected to. Teen idols are cash cows when it comes to pushing product, and celeb progenies have the added bonus of not only appealing to the teeny-bopper demo, but also the older generation who grew up obsessing over their parents. Case in point: Cindy Crawford announces she’s retiring from modelling to the nostalgic cries of nineties kids all over the world, only to have her daughter drop a showstopping campaign a few days later. Ah, the circle of life.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with celeb kids skipping the queue to stardom, as evidenced by the outraged seasoned photographers speaking out against 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham’s first industry job—one clearly awarded to him because of his last name and 5.9 million Instagram followers. It’s interesting to note that this same indignation didn’t arise over his brother Romeo landing the lead role in various Burberry campaigns, or, for that matter, any celeb kid who has been hoisted up to the position of top model overnight. Is it because we can only stomach them in roles that commend their appearance, but not their creativity?

Regardless, this cohort is here to stay and primed for a full-scale international takeover. In a media landscape where the operating currency is followers, it’s simply good business acumen to be tapping these resource-rich kids. And, let’s face it, they are intriguing in a guilty pleasure “can’t-escape-it” Kardashian kind of way.

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