The best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2015

celebrity halloween costumes 2015
Photography by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Heidi Klum

Before we give in to all things Christmas (Starbucks red cups are already being spotted) let’s pretend it’s still October for just one more day and take a look at all the amazing costumes our fave celebs donned this past weekend.

Of course, all eyes were on Heidi Klum this year as she holds the unofficial title for the Queen of Halloween. We were definitely not disappointed as the blond bombshell completely transformed herself into a real life Jessica Rabbit and even gave us a front row seat into the hair and makeup transformation on her Instagram account. Another fave was actress/model Emily Ratajkowski who slathered herself in yellow body paint in honour of America’s most famous housewife, Marge Simpson.

Makeup seemed to take centre stage for 2015 (we definitely saw that coming) as a favourite goulish costume female celebs opted for this year was some variation of a skull, sugar or otherwise. We’re thinking YouTube makeup how-to video views were at an all-time high this weekend. Nicole Richie, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez and Busy Philipps are just a few that rocked the skeleton look.

A special shoutout to the men of Halloween, who topped the list for some of our favourite looks this year. Aziz Ansari channeled his best The Weeknd, while Channing Tatum stole our hearts in his Winnie the Pooh costume. And best wordplay goes to Wilmer Valderrama for his Wilmer Valder-Llama costume.

So as we say a final goodbye to October and all things Halloween for one more year take a look through some of the best costumes from this past weekend.