Celebrity bad girls: 11 of the most famously naughty moments in recent history

Kate Moss kicked off a plane
Photograph by David M. Benett/Getty Images

This week was rocked (in the best way possible) by reports that queen of the bad girls, Kate Moss, had been ejected from an easyJet flight for drunk and disorderly conduct on her way home from Bodrum, Turkey, where friend Sadie Frost had just celebrated her 50th birthday. Apparently, the model was refused alcohol by the crew (she appeared to already be intoxicated) at which point she proceeded to pour a drink for herself from her own private vodka stash (two points for resourcefulness). After being asked to leave the plane and finally escorted off, Moss made sure the pilot knew what she thought, calling him a “basic bitch“on her way out. Oh, to be in the presence of this tour de badassery.

Bad girls have been dominating since back in the bible days (ahem, Eve?) and have proven time and time again to be infinitely more interesting than the good ones. What makes them so entertaining? Maybe its that they’ve got the balls to do what we’ve all wished we could do. Hey, when haven’t you wished you could throw a cell phone at your assistant? Kidding.

In honour of this latest celebrity bad girl outburst, we’re counting down 11 times famous gals went AWOL and we didn’t hate it one bit.

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