Penny Oleksiak: The 16-year-old just won Canada’s first gold medal at Rio 2016


ICYMI, Penny Oleksiak, who is only 16 and hails from Toronto, took home Canada’s first gold medal last night in the 100-metre freestyle—and she couldn’t have been more charming when she turned around to see the results, almost gulping down a mouthful of pool water when she realized it. She also broke a new record: Oleksiak is the first Canadian swimmer to win four medals at any Olympic games. (She’s also won two bronzes in the 4 x 100-metre and 4 x 200-metre freestyle relays, and a silver in the 100-metre butterfly).

The Olympic moment below, when she nabbed the silver, might make your heart explode. Bask in her pride as she nails the swim—it might even inspire you to hop in the pool and do a few laps yourself (because summer is slipping through our fingers)! But before you dust off your swim cap and try out your front crawl (or butterfly, if you’re fancy like that), find your best swimsuit and read up on 13 amazing Team Canada Athletes.

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