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Britney Spears’ DIY Fashion Week Runway is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Cue "Work B**ch"

OK, so it’s been a while since Britney Spears sat front row at Fashion Week, but let’s not forget that the pop diva is a style icon in her own right. From patchwork denim gowns to anaconda neck scarves, Britney’s IDGAF fashion mandate is legendary. Where do you think fedoras would be if not for the “…Baby One More Time” singer? She may not be your traditional fashion “It Girl,” but according to the one-and-only Karl Lagerfeld Britney is “a bird of paradise,” and we 110% agree.

In celebration of her one-of-a-kind style, Britney took to social media to strut down an imaginary catwalk. It’s not Lagerfeld’s Chanel, but the singer’s runway debut had all of the makings of a memorable fashion show: Migos backtrack, Miley inspired tongue action, and purse-sized pooches sitting front row.

Just doing my own runway show ???

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One show obviously wasn’t enough. Britney’s second go on the runway featured a Beyoncé song, change in venue, and SOOOO many head tilts. And of course, the quintessential Britney outfit made an appearance (read: low rise denim, exposed midriff, and trendy hat).

Another day, another runway ???

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If you aren’t following her already, we seriously suggest you do. The pop star is pushing out a ongoing stream of creative content on the regular, from lucky charm lattes to marine animal inspo.

We love you Britney. You are so beautiful and incredibly fascinating.