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All the Podcasts the FASHION Team is Loving Right Now

Spanning everything from true crime to feminism to wellness.

Whether we’re hitting the treadmill or sitting on the streetcar for a long commute, podcasts are our best friends. Here’s what the team is downloading, sharing and recommending this year.

Bernadette Morra, Editor in Chief

“My favourite is The Glossy Podcast which features interviews with fashion insiders – from designers to CEOs. They discuss the challenges they face around current topics like sustainability and size inclusivity. It’s always interesting to hear the inner workings of a brand, whether it’s a DTC startup or a traditional one aiming to refresh. This always reminds me how tough and competitive the fashion business is.”

Odessa Paloma Parker, Fashion News Director

“It’s an Australian true crime podcast that focuses on stories from around the world. I like the level of nuanced information the host provides, and the cases are all very well researched. Not all of them are solved cases so it can be a bit unsatisfactory if you need a resolution, but compelling nonetheless.”

99% Invisible
“I love trivia and random facts, and this California-based podcast delivers. Ever wondered about the history of drinking fountains? Or how logos are made? 99% Invisible tells all. My favourite episodes are about the naming of gentrified neighbourhoods, and one about Bonnie Erickson, who designed some of the most iconic Muppets and mascots.”

Maddison Glendinning, Digital Director

“I’ve been hooked since listening to my first episode of Work in Progress. Sophia Bush is a brilliant interviewer, and I’m constantly fist-pumping the air as I listen to her conversations with the likes of Eva Chen, Gloria Steinem and Gretchen Carlson. The pod touches on issues of politics, religion, women’s rights, career, self-love, motherhood and beyond, from the perspective of journalists, wellness experts, ex-CIA spies (yes, seriously), actors and more of Bush’s formidable friends. I also feel like I learn something new after each episode, which I like as it brings a sense of achievement to my daily commute.”

Pahull Bains, Culture & Lifestyle Editor

“Clocking in at roughly two hours an episode, Armchair Expert demands a solid time commitment but it’s well worth it. Host Dax Shepard, who is a recovering alcoholic, likens the podcast to an AA meeting because of the immense vulnerability, trust and candour it elicits from its guests, who, by the way, are some of the biggest celebrities on the planet. A tiny snapshot of the roster: actress Kristen Bell (also Shepard’s wife), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ronan Farrow, comedian Hasan Minhaj, actor Kumail Nanjiani and actress/lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow. Far from a typical celebrity chat that barely skims the surface of who they are as people, the Armchair conversations go deep, touching on everything from childhood trauma to addiction to deep-rooted insecurities and more. Always a deeply insightful, thought-provoking listen.”

Sarah Mariotti, Editorial Assistant

“It’s become so normal for us to walk around with a façade, but Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations — especially Oprah’s 2020 Vision series — features honest interviews, which I think are super important and beneficial. Not only has she crafted a positive platform, but I love how Oprah knows all the right questions to ask. The mindbodygreen podcast is also nice because it gets you thinking about your overall wellness.”

Natasha Bruno, Beauty Director

Second Life by Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr was my go-to last year. I binge-listened while training for my marathon last summer. Hearing all these inspiring personal stories of brilliant women who made successful, passion-filled career pivots really helped me at a time when I was trying to figure out life.”

George Antonopoulos, Creative and Fashion Director

In addition to the Business of Fashion podcast, I love listening to Fashion Talks, because I feel it represents a unique Canadian perspective on the fashion industry. It also highlights some of our industry leaders who are pushing boundaries on style, sustainability and activism.

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