Photography courtesy of CALPAK

Avoid Rising Baggage Fees with These Cabin-Friendly Cases

Even if you score a great deal on a plane ticket, the costs associated with travel these days can really add up. In fact, Air Canada and West Jet–two of Canada’s most prominent airlines–have announced they’re raising checked baggage fees, with the price for your first checked bag going up from $25 to $30 and your second rising from $30 all the way to $50.

Unfortunately, the price change starts early next month—so we’re being proactive and changing our packing routine now. It’s time to embrace the carry-on case. Your wallet will thank you for avoiding those climbing baggage fees. An added bonus? Packing light definitely encourages more well-planned outfits. (You may think you need ten tank tops but we promise you don’t!)

It’s also a great time to buy. With summer behind us, a lot of luggage brands are slashing their prices.

To help you downsize, we’ve picked out our absolute favourite carry-ons. From a white marble case by Heys, to a Globe-Trotter bag that has the perfect vintage feel, one thing’s for sure, your next flight’s overhead compartment is about to look a whole lot cuter.