Best books movies and podcasts 2019
Captain Marvel courtesy of Marvel/Disney

All the Books, Movies and Podcasts You’ll Be Obsessed With in 2019

In our Winter issue, FASHION editors rounded up the 100 people, products and experiences we predict will blow up in 2019. It’s our inaugural Hot 100 Fuse List. From the workouts you’ll be doing, to the new designers and destinations you’ll see on your feed, this is your guide to being in the know next year. In 12 months, when everyone and their blog is publishing their year’s best lists, these are the titles we think you’re going to see. But you’ll hear a lot about them before that, too.


The momentum of films with badass female leads thankfully continues (although, ahem, it could always go faster). Here are a few that will certainly be big next year.


All right, so, it’s not like it’s a new idea, but if there is a theme for the books that you’ll burn through in 2019, it might just be family. Fortunately, that can mean lots of things.


Sometimes it seems like all entertainment—and infotainment, for that matter—should be consumed exclusively in podcast form. As the medium matures, in quality and quantity, finding the best shows gets harder and harder. Here is your daily commute’s new favour­ite soundtrack.

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