Ballerina Greta Hodgkinson’s Favourite Costumes of All Time

Photography by Todd Fraser

The life of a ballerina never ceases to inspire and amaze us—whether we’re talking how a dancer does her makeup or how he/she warms up backstage, we just want to be a part of that beauty. When it comes to the costumes, it’s basically a fashion girl’s dream come true to visit the wardrobe room at the Walter Carsen Centre for the National Ballet of Canada. Picture gauzy tutus hanging from the ceiling, Nutcracker costumes peaking out from racks and flowy chiffon dresses floating in rhythm with the AC. The only thing that makes a tour of the costumes better is doing it with Greta Hodgkinson, who is celebrating her 20th year as principal dancer with the company this year. Having completed almost all principal roles in the classical repertoire (and beyond) Hodgkinson has worn her fair share of costumes. But she managed to whittle it down to her eight all-time faves, which she shared with us below. Perhaps the most relevant at the moment is the last one, which she will wear when Onegin premieres this month from November 23 to 27, with a special performance on November 26.

Watch the trailer for Onegin, which was filmed in Toronto’s beautiful Casa Loma.

Peek into the National Ballet of Canada’s Wardrobe Room with Greta Hodgkinson

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