Episode 20: Back to L.A.

"Sometimes going away gives you a different perspective on things. But when you come home, everything is different," Lauren says in her opening voiceover. She illustrates this point by letting Audrina know that she’s over Brody now. Yep, she’s totally over him. Doesn’t care about his new "girlfriend" at all. Certainly won’t cause a scene the next time she sees him. Nope.

Teen Vogue. Whitney explains to Lisa Love that she wants to do more styling and has scored a job interview with Kelly Cutrone, the owner of the PR firm People’s Revolution, but would like Lisa’s blessing before she makes such a huge decision. "Of course you have our blessing, and recommendations will be made in your favor," Lisa says. Whitney looks surprised and relieved.

Bolthouse. Heidi and Kimberly discuss Spencer. He still hasn’t moved his things out of the apartment, which somehow surprises Heidi. "It’s gonna be such, like, a heart-wrenching thing…watching him pack up his stuff," Heidi says, with no expression whatsoever on her face. "Are you gonna be cool with him if he starts to wanna see other people?" Kim asks. "No, but I thought we wouldn’t see other people," Heidi replies. "I don’t even wanna really break up. I just need my space."

Spencer is "beyond annoyed" that he has to move out of his apartment and into his sister Steph’s place, but makes the best of things by quickly laying down an ultimatum: Steph is no longer allowed to invite Heidi over. "I hate dating. I don’t wanna start dating again," he adds as a non-sequitur. Steph pulls a Whitney–level surprised face. "You’re even considering that?" she asks. Well, it has been what, almost a week since Heidi suggested he give her a little space? Yeah, it’s about time to give up and move on.

People’s Revolution. Whitney arrives for her job interview, stylishly attired in a little black dress, her hair glossy and her makeup artfully done. She gracefully takes a seat as we all overhear, from the other room, her potential boss’s half of a telephone conversation. "What you need to do now is you need to figure out who the f*cking idiot is that would hang clothes on the outside of a gate, okay?" Kelly Cutrone growls. She hangs up and immediately stomps out to meet Whitney. "Listen, I don’t have a lot of time," she says. She cuts right to the chase: "Lisa said a lot of great things about you, and she’s not an easy person to please…so let’s just go out on a limb. We’ll just do it. We’ll see how it goes, and we’ll re-evaluate everything." This sounds ominous, but not as ominous as the next words out of her mouth: "You’re basically making a deal with the devil,” she says. “You have to give up your life. The good news is, you get a whole new one."

Outdoor café. "I think Spencer’s moving in with me," Steph says. Heidi seems surprised, but where did she expect him to go? All of his friends are now rolling with the enemy.

Les Deux nightclub. Lauren gives Frankie a big hug but snubs Brody, which prompts a pouting fit rivaled only by the one he pulled over his broken finger. "You’re really not gonna give me a hug?" he asks. "Where’s your girlfriend?" Lauren snidely replies. Brody exits in a huff.

"You’re not planning on seeing other people, right?" Heidi asks Spencer as he packs his things. "I’m giving you your space," he replies. Heidi pouts, but that may just be the new lips and not a show of actual emotion.

Teen Vogue. Lauren and Whitney are more upset about Whitney leaving the magazine than Spencer and Heidi are about their breakup. They hug, promising to keep in touch, as mournful music ushers us into the credits.

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