Azealia Banks’ “Atlantis” video: We manage to screengrab the 10 best moments of frenetic seapunk

Azealia Banks Atlantis Video

See the best moments from Azealia Banks’ “Atlantis” video » Azealia Banks has put herself in a PC circa 1995 in her newest video for “Atlantis”. With screensaver like visuals straight out of your first computer, Banks dances and raps wearing holographic sunglasses, crop tops with choker necklaces and shiny harem pants. It’s not every day that you get to watch someone ride a dolphin through space or hang out in the mouth of a shark, but in the video for “Atlantis” Azealia Banks has the honour of taking part of these activities (not IRL, in case you were wondering). The 21-year-old has carved a spot for herself in the fashion world with her love of crop tops and perfectly wavy hair, not to mention her model pals like Cara Delevingne and guest star spots at parties for Chanel, H&M’s Anna Dello Russo collab and more. The cyber-rave style of “Atlantis” is yet another example of the return of the ‘90s but Azealia Banks isn’t alone with her liking of clip-art inspired visuals. Rihanna performed her hit “Diamonds” this past weekend on Saturday Night Live standing in front of a Window’s ’95 screensaver quite similar to Azealia Banks. But upon seeing the cyber-goth style of Azealia’s latest video, we were reminded of Adam Levett’s video “PRTY” which premiered at Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013 as a part of the Disconnect film festival.

It seems everyone’s feeling the resurgence of the ‘90s and we won’t lie, we are too.