Astrology Glossary: Breaking Down Mercury Retrograde, New Moons & More

astrology glossary

If reading your horoscope is a daily ritual, you’re likely already aware that Mercury is unfortunately in retrograde right now. If your interest in the cosmos is more casual, that might be accompanied by nothing more than a smile and nod. Rising signs, super moons, equinoxes – the effect of the planets on our daily lives is something we often feel rather than understand.

For astrology lovers, it makes perfect sense that the movements of stars and planets would hold such a profound influence over our moods and auras. But what kinds of galactic shifts should we be mindful of? When do they occur and what do they mean for us? We turned to astrologer Aerin Fogel to help break down some of the more common astrological terms into a handy glossary to meet all of your divination needs. Consider it insurance against the coming communication breakdowns Mercury retrograde is sure to bring.

Browse our astrology glossary below and get familiar with the terms and how they relate to you.

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