The best April Fools’ pranks pulled off by celebrities (like, ever)

April Fools’ is one hell of a day, isn’t it? You walk around not trusting anyone, you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, and you learn pretty early on in the day to not believe anything you read online. And luckily for us, some of the best April Fools’ Day pranks ever have been the work of our favourite celebs. From Rihanna to Sam Smith, we’ve rounded up the best, most elaborate pranks below. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and revisit the ultimate celeb trolls.

Jessica Lowndes and Jon Lovitz‘s fake romance tops our list this year, not only because it’s hilarious and insane to picture the 27-year-old being engaged to 58-year-old Lovitz, but because the prank went on for so long. That’s some commitment to your craft.

Who can forget Rihanna bursting into Jimmy Kimmel‘s bedroom last year for a surprise 1am concert?

Then there’s James Franco claiming him and Selena Gomez had a baby together. Simple yet effective. Obviously Jelena fans lost their damn minds.

Speaking of Bieber, remember when #JustinYourAlbumLeaked was trending (a hashtag created by Beliebers that ended up causing other Beliebers to snap)? Brilliant.

Another fake baby claim—but this time with a sonogram and everything. Joe Jonas tweeted that he was having a baby with Hailee Steinfeld. The only problem was he tweeted it on April 2nd…

And finally, we’ll never forget Katie Couric hiring a stunt double to take a nasty fall down the stairs on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Which celeb do you think had the best April Fools’ Day prank ever?