April 2016 horoscopes: Why this month will be emotional, intense and straight-up weird

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Passion planet Mars stands still this April, which means adopting a slower pace or taking time out to review longterm goals. Freedom from a restrictive situation – at work, home or in love – is possible, especially if you tap into the courage offered by Venus and the Sun in Aries and speak your truth. Less is more so rather than rush forwards, step back from any obligation you don’t really care about. Instead, deal with unfinished business and tie up loose ends.

The Aries new moon on April 7 is electric, as it’s close to quirky Uranus. Freedom, change and new independence will be possible. You might push back against someone controlling, or finally make a radical but totally right for you decision. Doing what’s right for you – rather than what other people expect – may be top priority.

Emotions are deep and intense under the Scorpio full moon on April 22. Truth, trust and loyalty are highlighted making honesty essential, especially about how you feel – and who you really want to be with. Money matters are also in the spotlight, which can help you find the right strategy for your financial goals.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Kelly Surtees.



You might spoil yourself with pampering at the spa, shop for new clothes and accessories or finally organize that girl’s weekend away. With sweet Venus in Aries from April 5 – 30 you’ll be magnetic, charming and may attract new romantic affection.

If your boss is controlling or intense, it may pay to bite your tongue or keep your thoughts to yourself on April 6 and 19. If you’re not 100% happy with your job, consider study or training to update your skills, or to prepare for a career change.

If you’re ready for a big change, don’t rush your decision. Instead, carefully craft the perfect plan for success.


Relationships can be intense, passionate and all-consuming under the Scorpio Full Moon on April 22. Single? Time on Tinder can lead to a hot hook up. Got an S/O? Plan a night away together to reconnect.

You’ve got a lot to learn – and plenty to say – now that chatty Mercury has settled into Taurus for an extended tour. Refresh your social media profiles and polish your presentation style. A short course or training program may be worth the effort too.

If finances are frustrating, delay any big purchases and top up your savings. Mars is in a funk in Sagittarius which may lead to crossed wires, especially about a loan, tax or investment matter.


Your social life is on fire and you may be at the top of every invite list thanks to a collection of planets in Aries. Nurture close friendships, and be open to meeting new people. An unexpected invitation can add excitement, especially around April 9 and 22 so be impulsive with your plans then.

Work wise you can make a splash at a networking, conference or industry event. Dress to impress and take the initiative to meet powerful new people.

Delays in love or with dating are likely thanks to Mars, who is in a holding pattern in Sagittarius. If an ex re-appears, have fun but don’t recommit. Keep your romantic options open.


Expect fast-paced changes at work. You get a confidence boost from the Sun in Aries, until April 19. Use it to make a bold move in your career, even if it means breaking the rules. An online or tech based offer is worth considering, especially around April 9 or 22.

If a friend gives off mixed messages towards the end of the month, double check facts to avoid a misunderstanding.

Your love life is in the spotlight under the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22. If you’ve been keeping a secret, confess the truth then. Honesty can lead to a new connection or deeper trust.


Take off on a trip, or plan your next adventure as you may be restless. Search your favourite travel website for a last minute deal, or finalize plans for an extended break in the summer. If you have study in mind, sign up for a course that really interests you.

A new project at work may be interesting and offer you a chance to learn, but it could take longer than expected. Show off your organizational skills by planning ahead.

If you hit a roadblock in love, don’t waste time on someone not worthy of your attention, even if it means taking a break from dating. Got an S/O? Have fun but don’t push for commitment.


Pursuing a personal dream may mean putting yourself first. The longer trend of Jupiter in Virgo, until September, can help you do something you want, just for you. Invest in yourself – you’re worth it.

Discuss a new and improved plan for your living situation mid-month. Reducing your responsibilities or rent may make it easier to pursue your dreams. You might not be able to do everything you want, but a liberating choice is possible.

The Aries New Moon on April 7 may bring freedom from a past debt, or financial rewards you’ve earned. New financial independence is within reach.


A new cycle in relationships begins under the Aries New Moon on April 7. Take charge to create progress, with dating or in a relationship. Romance might be like a roller coaster under the influence of exciting Uranus on April 9 and 22. Ditch the dating rules and instead follow your heart. Do what you want rather than what others expect.

Take extra time with any contracts or document that need your signature. Delays can work in your favour as with Mars acting out all is not what it seems. An independent expert or outsider may offer spot on advice.


You can have great influence over events under the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22. Use the cosmic spotlight to promote your talents, or publish a popular pic on Instagram.

You might flirt with someone unexpected, or be friendlier than usual. An outgoing attitude can pay off and you may field more than one date or romantic invitation. Sort out a romantic plan early in the month as Mercury could cause crossed wires in the last week of April.

Sign up to the gym or recommit to your workout routines. Venus in Aries can help you feel good about yourself. Pair up with a gym buddy for maximum results.


Don’t let fear hold you back. Push any insecurity to the side, and trust what others are telling you. If a big dream gets delayed, it’s a sign there is an even better opportunity coming your way. All you have to do is be patient.

Romance is hot, and you might be surprised by how much interest you get on Tinder and IRL. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. With Venus in Aries, you can ask for what you want – and get it. Sparks may fly when you least expect it, especially April 9 and 22. Trust your instincts then.


You may prefer to work on a project in private, especially if you want to get fit or have a professional goal in mind. Skip the social scene and instead lay low with your friends, at home or on retreat. Time away at a soothing spa can help you rejuvenate, even if it means stretching the budget a little.

A new romance has potential, but may take time to develop. Mercury in Taurus can help you make new connections or get extra attention on social media. Keep your phone charged so you don’t miss any cheeky comments or invitations. Got an S/O? Playful texts help you stay connected. Book tickets to a comedy gig for extra laughs.


Organize a weekend away, with your S/O, BFF or friends from school. Venus in Aries promises fun, adventure and lots of laughs, especially if you head somewhere new or different. Consider a festival out of town or a day trip to the country. Success or a breakthrough with a study goal is also possible.

You might be outspoken, or ready to finally say what you mean. An upfront discussion helps clear the air. If you disagree with a friend, take time apart to cool off. Instead, reconnect with a friend from the past.

Your calm attitude regarding any delays with a work event can help you impress, so stay cool under pressure.


Want extra cash? Think outside the box – and beyond the limits of your day job. Consider an investment opportunity, side business or innovative way to cut costs. The New Moon in Aries on April 7 can bring a breakthrough with money, or may highlight an unusual opportunity worth taking.

Someone at work could be difficult or hard to motivate mid-month. If so, be ready with a backup plan. Your ability to plan ahead can impress your peers or your boss.

An overseas dream may be within reach under the Scorpio Full Moon on April 22. Make sure your passport is up to date and be ready to splurge on a travel, study or work adventure.

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