Andrej Pejic in hot water after using the “N” word on Twitter

Photographed by MOO.
Photographed by MOO.

It seems Andrej Pejic can’t stay away from controversy for too long. The It model is raising brows yet again, but this time, it’s not because of a gender-bending editorial; he’s ticked off a lot of people by tweeting the “N” word.

Oh No They Didn’t posted a screengrab of the brow-raising tweet, which provoked an outpour of offended commenters who were not impressed by Pejic’s unapologetic attitude (the tweet has not been deleted).

What was he thinking? Well, the tweet was in reference to his viral YouTube video—a parody of a transvestite dating profile from the LES looking for  “a real white n****.”

However, not everyone understood the chancy humour.  One person commented “Ugh.” Regardless, saying the “N” word on Twitter in general, especially when you have over 27,000 followers, is not the best idea, as it’s bound to offend someone.

If you think Pejic is contriving ways to do some much-needed damage control, think again. He added more fuel to the fire, tweeting about his New Now Next Awards speech (he was honoured at the annual event), which aired last night. He tweeted:

“Hate how they cut out the first part of my speech abt the catholic church on NNN awards! Since when are the queens religious!?” […] “I thanked Jesus and the Catholic Church and then I said “oh just kidding”…ooops :D”

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