An ode to the shredded tee

Photography by Adam Levett

Our fashion department has interns so bang-on stylish, they make Whitney Port look like an American Eagle greeter. One of these is my lovely friend Sarah Kosloff, who’s spent the last four months toiling behind the magic of editorial shoots. Though her days here are numbered, her talents are not. So, on Sarah Kosloff’s final day as a FASHION intern, I’d like to reveal one of her recent creative endeavours—a series of images she created for Show|OFF at UPC Boutique (128 1/2 Cumberland St., 416-929-9209, (A little exposition: Kosloff, with a few others among Toronto’s future fashion elite, was asked to create interpretative images of a shredded T-shirt by new local line Thomas. Model and arty girl Lauren Burns Coady, with BFF Kristie Muller, organized the creative event and called it Show|OFF. UPC threw the requisite party.)

Here she is, moonlighting as model, stylist, and director, all in one eerie and gorgeous shoot, “Bad Wolves Can Be Good.”

Enjoy. We did.

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