3 Fashion-Inspired Works to Visit at Nuit Blanche 2016

See Philip Beesley’s #nbTO16 project, “Ocean,” sponsored by @hm. Visitors can experience this turbulent primal environment in the Rotunda of City Hall at #NathanPhillipsSquare on Oct 1. …….. SEEKING VOLUNTEERS! People looking to get involved with creating this original work over the next couple of days are invited to volunteer on Thursday, September 29 or Friday, September 30th for a shift any time between 9 am and 10 pm, at Philip Beesley’s Toronto studio. Each volunteer will have their name credited by the artist, and lunch is included. To sign up, please email: [email protected] #nuitblancheto #nuitblanche #nuitblanche2016 #nuitblanchetoronto #art #contemporaryart #festival #artTO #torontoevents #torontofestivals #igerstoronto #igersTO #ig_toronto #torontophoto #downtowntoronto #torontocityhall #VolunteerTO

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Toronto transforms itself into an art gallery again this October 1, when the streets, buildings and alleys become home to some of the most creative works imaginable. Beginning at sunset (6:58 p.m.) and finishing at sunrise (7:00 a.m.), people from all walks of life commingle and are almost an installation on their own, adding to the 91 art projects that span the city.

If you can only make it to three, check out these fashion-inspired exhibits.

“Ocean,” by Philip Beesley

Sponsored by H&M, this exhibit by Toronto-based artist and architect Philip Beesley takes place in City Hall’s Rotunda and uses raw recycled textiles from the retailer’s Garment Collecting Initiative to create a moving canopy. Bursts of light, sound and motion imitate the underwater world and speak to the concept of architectural rigidity and the potential of renewal and adaptation.

“Ascension,” by Julie C. Fortier

Exploring scent and its ability to evoke memories, Julie C. Fortier, a perfumer and visual artist from Rennes, France, demonstrates the interrelationship between a palette of colours and smells with an underlying theme of absence. The fragrances will waft at 33 Harbour Square, where “black odours” are burning tar, leather and incense; “grey” ones evoke ozone, smog and fog; pink ones are herbal fragrances, dewdrops and power; and white is “fluff, vaporous” smells. Scent might linger on passersby and be transported around the city—a form of public art itself.

“Beauty vs. The World,” by Robert Montgomery

This piece, which takes place at Cloud Garden (14 Temperance Street), is an exploration of what beauty means. Sponsored by Shiseido, a brand that believe beauty inspires empathy in others, the work includes a series of illuminating, poetic messaged. The London, England-based artist is known for adding his literary edge to billboards, light pieces and fire poems.

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