16 things that prove 1990s style really is the biggest trend right now


As our Spring 2013 fashion and beauty trend reports show, 1990s style is experiencing quite the resurgence right now. Plaids, slip dresses, grown-out roots and faded florals all mark this return to grunge—and where fashion leads, pop culture follows. (Also, the fact that online editor Randi Bergman has been live-tweeting her way through every original 90210 episode on Netflix may have something to do with it…) It’s nearly impossible to visit your favourite website without coming across a ’90s reference, and as such we’ve rounded up 16 of the the best links to prove 1990s style is here to stay—for a season or two, at least.

Images courtesy Refinery 29
16. Because we want to try these ’90s cool-girl beauty tutorials immediately [Refinery 29]

15. Also all these suggestions for clothing lines based off of ’90s TV shows wouldn’t look out of place in stores today [Buzzfeed]

Photography left: Rochas Spring 2013 by Peter Stigter; right: Carven Fall 2013 courtesy Style.com
14. Why else would spaghetti straps be so popular again? [Style.com]

Photography courtesy Style.com
13. Not to mention that Donatella is reffing on Gianni—the dress on the right is a dead ringer for the iconic ’90s safety pin dress [Style.com]

12. VICE proves that everyone’s favourite album from 1997 still holds up today (allllmost!) with this review of MuchMusic’s Big ShinyTunes 2 [VICE]

11. However, not all ’90s tunes are that great, as this hilarious song critique from Hello Giggles shows [Hello Giggles]

Image courtesy 80s-90s-supermodels.tumblr.com
10. And what could be more ’90s than learning how to take care of your Cindy Crawford-esque beauty mark? [xoVain]

Image courtesy W Magazine
9. It’s also totally possible to shop the look from a ’90s W Magazine shoot today [W Magazine]

8. Even board games are popular again! (Hello, Dream Phone!) [Today]

Photography courtesy 90srunway.tumblr.com
7. Compare Spring 2013 runway shows with these snapshots from various 1990s collections [Tumblr]

6. Learn how to add a little ’90s grit and wave to your hair [The Beauty Department]

Image courtesy WWD
5. Get some street style inspiration from the New Museum’s ’90s themed art party [WWD]

Image courtesy Worn Journal
4. Right now even 1990s style beats out the 1960s! (When it comes to the costume choices of each decade’s take on Romeo & Juliet, that is…) [Worn Journal]

Photography courtesy the Huffington Post
3. Because Kate Moss continues to have the most glamourous style ever [Huffington Post]

Left: Photography by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Right: Courtesy Wikipedia
2. Even the irrational post-Oscars hate for Anne Hathaway can be considered an extension of the backlash for Gwyneth Paltrow… which started in the late ’90s [Lainey Gossip]

Photography courtesy the_pink_princess/Flickr
1. And Tamagotchis are back on the scene and popular as ever thanks to this new app [CBC]