Where to Find the Most Delicious Vegan Treats in Vancouver

ICYMI, these vegan-friendly spots are proof that dairy- and egg-free doesn’t have to be flavour-free

Vancouver is no stranger to flavourful vegan delights. With so many options to choose from, we’ve done you a solid and rounded up the best vegan bakeries the city has to offer. From adult-friendly matcha green tea pudding to maple pecan pumpkin cinnamon buns, Vancouver is lit with vegan spots. If you’re in another major city, click here to check out the best vegan bakeries across Canada.

Cupcakes from Edible Flours in Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy Tosha Lobsinger)
Cupcakes from Edible Flours in Vancouver (Photo: Courtesy Tosha Lobsinger)

The Gluten Free Epicurean

Find it: 633 E. 15th Ave., glutenfreeepicurean.ca
The low-down: With a diverse roster of gluten-free goodies, this charming spot boasts an airy, minimalist interior that makes the perfect backdrop for noshing on vegan sweets. Plus, they offer baking classes based on their vegan chocolate cake recipe, so you can learn from the pros (#score).
Prices: $2.95 to $6 each
What to order: In fall, stop in on a Saturday morning and indulge in a maple pecan pumpkin cinnamon bun ($3.85)—it’s their weekend speciality.

Edible Flours

Find it: 2280 W. Broadway, edibleflours.ca
The low-down: With an open-concept kitchen and a mouth-watering display of baked goods, this modern bakery uses high-quality ingredients (think organic flour and unrefined sugars) for all of its sweet treats.
Prices: $1.75 to $3.75 each
What to order: The champagne strawberry cupcake ($3.75), a scrumptious vanilla cake with tart pink champagne-strawberry icing swirled on top

Fairy Cakes

Find it: 3586 Fraser St., fairycakescupcakes.ca
The low-down: The name of this bakery is almost as cute as its quaint interior. In the snug seating area, surrounded by the prettiest power blue walls, vegan eaters can sink their teeth into a cupcake made in the dairy-, egg- and nut-free kitchen.
Prices: $2.25 to $4.25 each
What to order: The Fairy Cake ($4), which is an adorably named cupcake topped with a carefully crafted dollop of icing in a unique flavour, such as piña colada, root beer or key lime

Two Daughters Bake Shop

Find it: 121 1st St. E., twodaughtersbakeshop.ca
The low-down: What inspired owner and head baker Lisa Reichelt to open up shop? You guessed it, her two daughters. When her youngest was diagnosed with severe allergies, Reichelt started her own business, creating gluten-free and vegan pastries everyone can enjoy.
Prices: $2 to $3.50
What to order: When you take a bite out of the brownie ($3.50), you won’t even know it’s gluten- and dairy-free—the organic rice milk gives it that distinct melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Vegan Pudding Co.

Find it: 422 Richards St., veganpuddingco.com
The low-down: Grab a cup of gourmet pudding at this adorable takeout window in Gastown. With flavours like green tea, crème brûlée and black sesame, you’re sure to find something you like. It’s just too bad this is the only vegan custard pudding shop in Canada.
Prices: $3.85 to $4.75 each
What to order: Dip your spoon into the matcha green tea pudding ($4.75) with roasted black sesame sauce—it’s basically an adult version of the pudding you had in your childhood lunch box.

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