The Best Tattoo Parlours in Toronto

These talented tattoo artists are *here* to bring your creative vision to life

Finding a tattoo you want to spend the rest of your life with is basically like finding The One in a sea of Tinder matches: It can take a while, but once you find it, committing will be a no-brainer. Good thing the Six is stocked with tons of chic spots to get your ink on. From an Instagram-worthy haven to a more traditional badass destination, these are the best tattoo parlours in Toronto. Not in the city when you get hit with tattoo inspo? Don’t fret: Click here to see our top picks from Vancouver to St. John’s.

Michael George Pecherle from Ink & Water (Photo: Prairie Koo)
Michael George Pecherle from Ink & Water (Photo: Prairie Koo)

Pearl Harbour Gift Shop

Find it: 24 Kensington Ave.,
The rundown: With walk-ins every day on a first-come, first-served basis, this custom tattoo parlour is perf for those looking for a traditional experience (think: neon lights, walls of designs and an all-around badass atmosphere, which we are living for).
Cost: $100 minimum; $180 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop

Find it: 1229 Dundas St. W.,
The rundown: This inviting tattoo shop offers a chill atmosphere for those who might be a bit nervous about getting their first tat. The relatively minimalist space is brought to life with colourful artwork and flash on the walls to help if you can’t decide what to get.
Cost: $100 minimum; $150 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

Ink & Water

Find it: 1303 Bloor St. W.,
The rundown: Everything about this modern custom tattoo parlour screams “take a pic for the ’gram!” With the hot pink “Don’t Tell Mom” and “Grandma Approves” neon signs, ample amount of fresh foliage and geometric ceilings, you might just forget you’re in a tattoo parlour—until you look down at your brand new design.
Cost: $120 to $200 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

Black Line Studio

Find it: 573 King St. W., 41 Clock Tower Rd.,
The rundown: With an open-concept layout, plenty of sleek wood and modern seating, this chic tattoo, body piercing and laser removal boutique does not look like your typical grungy parlour. It’s also home to an art gallery, a skincare shop and a body jewellery counter, so you might just have to stay a while to soak it all in.
Cost: $100 minimum; $150 to $180 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

Chronic Ink

Find it: 252 Eglinton Ave. E.; 378 Yonge St., 2nd Floor;
The rundown: From humble beginnings at the Pacific Mall in Markham, this authentic tattoo parlour has since expanded to two spacious studios in T.O. and celebrated 10 years in the biz. Specializing in custom tattoos, the artists will happily draw you up your very own creation, whether it’s in watercolour, custom lettering, realism or another style.
Cost: $150 to $250 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

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