The Best Tattoo Parlours in Montreal

These talented tattoo artists are *here* to bring your creative vision to life

Ever since we were little, we’ve been obsessed with tattoos (hear us out, OK?). As kids, we would live for decorating ourselves from head to toe with temporary tattoos of Disney princesses, and now that we’ve grown up, it’s all about the chic semi-permanent tats for festival season. If you’re looking for something a little more long-term, these are the best tattoo parlours in Montreal. And if you want to go on a cross-country tattoo tour, then click here (and maybe invite us?).

Studio Tattoomania (Photo: Sergei Khadatovich)
Studio Tattoomania (Photo: Sergei Khadatovich)

MTL Tattoo

Find it: 3933 St Denis St., 4525 St Denis St.,
The rundown: There’s a reason this spot is one of the best in the city. With over 20 years of experience in Montreal’s tattoo business, this innovative parlour has been making waves in the industry since the beginning, hosting trade shows and festivals, and using the latest techniques, highest-quality inks and on-trend designs. 
Cost: $80 minimum; $130 per hour
Walk-ins: No

Anger Ink

Find it: 391 Saint-Catherine St. W.,
The rundown: This, dare we say, edgy-meets-elegant tattoo parlour calls itself “badass with class” (yaaas!) because of the sparkling geometric lighting, muted black walls and punchy red accents around the space. Who knew getting a tattoo could be so freakin’ chic.
Cost: $150 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

Tattoo Box

Find it: 155 Pins Ave. E.,
The rundown: At this upbeat tattoo parlour, nicknamed the “day spa for tattoos” (because you are going to be pampered, duh), the talented team wants you to actually enjoy your first—or 50th—inking experience sans tears. They’ll be there every step of the way, from consultation to creation.
Cost: $80 minimum; $120 to $150 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

Tattoo Lounge MTL

Find it: 3672 St Laurent Blvd.,
The rundown: The acclaimed artists at this custom tattoo and piercing parlour understand the importance of the creative process, because after all, they say, “a tattoo represents more than an image, it represents you.”
Cost: $80 minimum; $120 per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

Studio Tattoomania

Find it: 5335 St Laurent Blvd.,
The rundown: This colourful, open-concept tattoo parlour really packs a punch with grey and white tiled floors, plenty of stunning artwork and designs lining the walls, and racks of covetable apparel for sale. If you want to scope out some local and international talent for your next tat, they also host two international tattoo conventions: the Art Tattoo Québec in June and the Art Tattoo Montreal in September.
Cost: $100 minimum; $125+ per hour
Walk-ins: Yes

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