Where to Find the Best Spin Studios in Montreal

Hop in the saddle and get ready to ride at one of these indoor cycling studios in Montreal

If you think riding a stationary bike is no hard feat, think again. Spinning is a full body workout aimed to make you sweat from places you didn’t think exist! Montreal plays host to some of the fiercest spin classes out there. BONJOUR there’s even a studio run by Gilmour Girls very own Michel aka Yanic Truesdale, sign. us. up. And apres be sure to check out our roundup of the best spin studios across Canada here.

B.Cycle (Photo: Francisco Lisci)
B.Cycle (Photo: Francisco Lisci)

Spin Énergie

Find it: 3483 Ave. du Parc, spinenergie.com
The atmosphere: From the fictional Stars Hollow to Montreal’s downtown core, this sleek studio was brought to life by Yanic Truesdale, the actor best known for his role as the Celine Dion-devotee Michel on Gilmore Girls.
The classes: Each 45-minute class is high-energy for a calorie burn that increases your strength and cardio.
Cost: One class is $20, and class passes are available for 5-20 classes, starting at $95. Unlimited monthly passes are $195.


Find it: 601 rue de la Gauchetière W, bcyclespin.com
The atmosphere: Each class is set to a carefully crafted playlist for a fun workout that’s equal parts work and play. B.Cycle also makes it a cinch to keep track of your fitness goals thanks to a live in-class statistics board. They even store your in-class results, including speed and resistance, in a personal online performance tracker.
The classes: Designed for maximum calorie burn, the 45-minute ride provides a full-body workout that not only tones your legs, but your core and your upper body, too.
Cost: 1-50 class passes are available, starting at $25; unlimited monthly passes are $180.

Cadence Cycle

Find it: 2585 Bates Rd., cadence-cycle.com
The atmosphere: Bike-themed graffiti-inspired art covers the walls of this Mont-Royal studio, and the workouts are fittingly hardcore—it was Montreal’s first spin studio to incorporate full body workouts.
The classes: Along with the signature 45 and 60 minute rides, they have a collection of themed classes, like the ’90s ride, Request ride and Bring a Friend Free.
Cost: Your first ride is $15, then single rides are $25. 5-50 ride class passes are available, too, ranging from $120 – $1000.

Elmnt Studio

Find it: 6000 Monkland Ave., elmnt.studio
The atmosphere: This full-service studio has everything you could need post-workout (think hair and body products, yoga mats and towel service). They also offer yoga and movement classes, like barre and high intensity interval training, in addition to spin.
The classes: With five classes to choose from, you’ll always be able to switch up your routine. Classes include the rave-like Rhythm Ride, and the interval-heavy Grind Cycle.
Cost: Try your first class for $10, then single classes are $20. 5-50 class packs are also available, starting at $98.

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