Where to Find the Best Mac and Cheese in Vancouver

Sink your teeth into these mouthwatering dishes that will fulfill all of your cheese and carb cravings

Finding The One (read: your dream bowl of mac and cheese) can be a challenging feat. Between the endless options, like a classic version with a crispy breadcrumb crust or something a little more out there with curry, peas and onions, it can be tough to even know where to begin. That’s why we did some mouthwatering research to find the best mac and cheese in Vancouver for the next time you’re craving a creamy, cheesy bowl of mac. And if you’re in another major city in Canada and are looking to get your comfort food fix, click here to check out our fave mac and cheese across the country.

Burgoo Bistro (Photo: Robert Shaer)
Burgoo Bistro (Photo: Robert Shaer)

The Wallflower 

Find it: 2420 Main St., thewallflowermoderndiner.com
The low-down: Vegan mac and cheese lovers, rejoice! This homey diner creates a comfortable experience for all types of eaters, whether you’re vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian.
Cost: $14
Varieties: One mac and cheese entrée perf for vegans looking to get their fix. The Baked Mac n’ Cheesy uses vegan cheddar for its sauce and gooey topping.

Burgoo Bistro

Find it: 1100 Burrard St. (downtown location), burgoo.ca
The low-down: Specializing in comfort food, this urban bistro is a go-to spot for those looking for a hearty, feel-good meal.
Cost: $14 or $16
Varieties: Two dishes inspired by our southern neighbour: a classic with aged white cheddar and a fully-loaded version with onions, peas and bacon, topped off with a sprinkle of breadcrumbs.

The Flying Pig

Find it: 102 Water St. (Gastown location), theflyingpigvan.com
The low-down: This modern Canadian bistro prides itself on the use of fresh, local ingredients and simple, yet bold flavours for its classic dishes.
Cost: $9 (side) or $15 (entrée)
Varieties: Choose from truffle-infused four-cheese mac and cheese to pair with your dinner main or go big with the Beef Stroganoff Baked Macaroni, which is drizzled with a Cabernet mushroom cream sauce.

Peckinpah BBQ

Find it: 2 Water St., peckinpahbbq.com
The low-down: This Carolina-style BBQ joint may be known for their fall-off-the-bone ribs, pulled pork and brisket, but their Southern-style mac and cheese is out of this world.
Cost: $12
Varieties: One unique cheesy creation—the Baked Mac n’ Cheese: aged cheddar, Bomber ESB beer and grainy dijon mustard for some bite, sprinkled with a bacon-cornmeal crumble (in other words: not even close to the KD you ate as a kid).

Reel Mac and Cheese

Find it: This mac and cheese truck is constantly moving, so keep your eye out at popular Vancity events, or see if you can track them down at reelmacandcheese.com.
The low-down: This gourmet food truck is a one-stop-shop for all things mac and cheese.
Cost: $8 to $12, depending on the dish
Varieties: Twelve different types, ranging from a Japanese-inspired version with roasted seaweed, teriyaki sauce and mayo to a crispy, cheesy deep-fried mac and cheese ball. Our fave: The Slumdog Millionaire, with curry, peas and crispy onions.

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