Where to Find the Best Mac and Cheese in Montreal

Sink your teeth into these mouth-watering dishes that will fulfill all of your cheese and carb cravings

Whoever decided to drizzle a rich, creamy cheese sauce over macaroni pasta is our unsung hero—and don’t even get us started on the person who decided to dedicate an entire food truck to mac and cheese. But whether you’re a mac minimalist or intrigued by bold flavours, finding the perfect dish can be a challenge—which is why we scoured the city to find the best mac and cheese in Montreal. To chow down on our faves across the country, click here to check out the best mac and cheese in Canada.

Macbar et Fromage (Photo: Macbar et Fromage)
Macbar et Fromage (Photo: Macbar et Fromage)

Dinette Triple Crown

Find it: 6704 Clark St., dinettetriplecrown.com
The low-down: This rustic takeout joint combines French Canadian and Southern influences for one-of-a-kind comfort food. In the summer, they pack your food in a wooden basket for a picnic lunch in the park—so cute for the ‘gram.
Cost: $9 (petit) or $15 (grand)
The petit or grande mac and cheese has all the classic ingredients like cheese, cheese and more cheese, sprinkled with freshly chopped green onions—share one so you still have room to sample other goodies on the menu.

Macbar et Fromage

Find it: 1345 Ontario St. E, macbar.ca
The low-down: Ranging from classic combinations to really out-there fusions, this trendy restaurant truly has something for everyone—as long as it is smothered in melted cheese.
Cost: $9 to $15, depending on which flavour combo you choose
Eleven mac and cheese entrées to choose from, like the Cheesburger Mac with ground beef, cheddar, red onion, lettuce and a mustard-mac cheese sauce. For the minimalist, try the mac and cheese grilled cheese called Le Smack. Or go big with the Montréalais, an excellent choice that captures the flavours of the city, with cheddar and swiss cheese, mushrooms and melt-in-your-mouth Montreal smoked meat.

Le Robin Square

Find it: 520 St Laurent Blvd., @lerobinsquare
The low-down: With quirky decor and locally sourced ingredients, this family-run urban bistro in Old Montreal does a rich, scrumptious mac and cheese.
Cost: $20
One filling portion for lunch or dinner with the chef’s Christmas ham, swiss cheese and a roasted garlic cream sauce, finished with a drizzle of black truffle oil and a pinch of Hawaiian salt.

Le Cheese Truck

Find it: 5976 Monkland Ave., lecheesetruck.com
The low-down: This petite dining spot and food truck is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of Quebec’s cheeses through their comfort food—all of our lactose dreams have finally come true.
Cost: $17 (medium) and $23 (large)
Inspired by mom’s mac and cheese, the dish comes with sweet peas, cauliflower, cheese sauce and caramelized cheese for the top. They also have add-ons—bacon and onion is a fave with the regular customers.

Burger Royal

Find it: 3820 St. Laurent Blvd., burger-royal.com
The low-down: If you’re looking for feel-good fast food (and killer mac and cheese), this spot recreates comfort food with sustainability in mind—they use free-range, hormone-free Quebec beef and chicken for their burgers.
Cost: $6 to $16, based on which kind you order
Fourteen types of mac, from the Fleur de Lys with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, bacon and cheese curds to a heafty portion on top of their hot dogs and burgers—they truly put it on everything and we are here for it. A must-try: the Mexican with guacamole, chilli, pickled jalapeños and sriracha, plus their homemade béchamel with local Quebec cheese.

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