Where to Find the Most Scrumptious Doughnuts in Toronto

If this deep-fried confectionary is your guilty pleasure, these are the best places to pick up the sugary treat

Is there ever a bad time to chow down on a doughnut? Alongside your morning cup of coffee, after a killer mid-day spin sesh or at 2 a.m. with your girls on a Saturday night: these all sound like the perf time to treat yourself to this mouth-watering dessert. No matter where you are in #the6ix, we’ve got you covered with these super sweet hotspots that will put you in a sugar coma (in the best way possible)—these are the best doughnut shops in Toronto. If you want to taste test our top doughnut picks for all of Canada, click here.

Glory Hole in Toronto
Glory Hole in Toronto

Von Doughnuts 4.6

Find it: 713 Danforth Ave., vondoughnuts.com
The low-down: Made fresh every day, all of the icings and fillings are made from scratch and are trans-fat free for a less guilt-enducing snack.
The goods: A rotating daily menu packed with original flavours like Blueberry Lime and Malt Vinegar.
What to order: Sangria, the perfect summer doughnut with a white wine glaze and strawberry jam

The Rolling Pin

Find it: 1970 Avenue Rd., therollingpin.ca
The low-down: This ’50s-themed bakery isn’t just known for its Insta-worthy doughnuts—its cakes and pies are also wildly popular.
The goods: With a weekly rotating schedule, some options verge into science-experiment territory with injectable tubes for added flavour.
What to order: Jamoca Almond Fudge, a yeast doughnut dipped in chocolate ganache, filled with mocha custard and topped with almond pie crumbs and a squeezable shot of espresso

SanRemo Bakery

Find it: 374 Royal York Rd., sanremobakery.com
The low-down: First opened in 1969, this family-run bakery has been a Toronto staple for almost 50 years.
The goods: Be sure to check out its Doughnut Day menu, with six drool-worthy flavours like Caramilk and Orange Chiffon Dipped.
What to order: Crunchie, a June 2 special, that encases an entire chocolate bar inside its deep-fried goodness

Glory Hole

Find it: 1596 Queen St. W, gloryholedonuts.com
The low-down: The friendly staff hand-crafts three types of dough—yeast, cake and vegan doughnuts—fresh every day, each with a unique taste.
The goods: One-of-a-kind flavours they create include Hibiscus, Toast and Butter, and Lemon Ricotta.
What to order: Apricot Ginger, a yeast doughnut topped with apricot ginger infused glaze sprinkled with candied ginger

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