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Supreme and Lacoste are Back With Their Second Collab

It looks like the preps can hang, after all.

Supreme, the skate brand that’s evolved into one of the most sought-after labels in recent years, is launching another collaboration with Lacoste.

It’s the second time these two industry giants have teamed up on a Spring collection. And judging by the popularity of their debut collab, you’re going to want to start shopping this launch ASAP (last year’s items almost entirely sold out in a matter of hours.)

This new collection is inspired by the Lacoste archives of the 80s and 90s and features varsity jackets, nylon tracksuits and a lot of velour. Throwback accessories like bucket hats and fanny packs are also dropping, along with an updated version of Lacoste‘s signature tennis shirt. The items are available in a mix of jewel tones, pastels and, of course, Supreme‘s iconic vibrant red.

Supreme has partnered with a number of brands in the past, most notably with Louis Vuitton last summer and recently, a sleek line of luggage with Rimowa.

But Supreme and Lacoste have an interesting relationship that gives their items a unique feel. Supreme brings effortless cool with its streetwear aesthetic, while Lacoste smartens the style up just enough. You can see the juxtaposition in Lacoste‘s timeless embroidered alligator, sitting alongside Supreme‘s bold Futura font. It’s a combination that contrasts perfectly.

The collection drops first on April 19th at supremenewyork.com as well as in-store at NY, Brooklyn, LA, London, and Paris locations. The launch will follow in Japan on April 21st.

You can also find the collection at lacoste.com from April 20th onwards for those shopping in Europe & North America. The items will then be released on the Asia Lacoste e-shop on April 21st.