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Whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeves (please no more polar vortexes), Fall 2014 fashion has our backs with the utility trend. Whether it’s a pocket so deep that no whisper of winter would ever touch your skin or a specific pocket just to keep a cigarette safe, utilitarian pieces became a runway mainstay for Fall 2014.

The utility trend came through strongest at Alexander Wang where he created a pocket for everything you’ve ever wanted and more. A holder for a lighter? Check. Retractable key ring? Check. Fall’s Wang girl will be equipped to face the toughest challenges (even if it’s only waiting for a bus in the dead of winter).

And while New York’s finest went above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to utilitarian pieces, other designers stuck with a functional theme in their collections as well. At Chanel, we saw (gasp!) high fashion sneakers go strolling down Karl Lagerfeld’s vision of a grocery store and it didn’t stop there, he created a Chanel version of a tracksuit, ready for the chicest errand run anyone could envision.

There was also an emphasis on high collared coats which had us longing to ditch the scarf and bury our heads in the fluffy neck of an Iceberg parka completed with large buckle to strap you in and keep you toasty. And to pop your collar has been reclaimed from the Jersey Shore and looked better than ever at Jil Sander in a high-collared suit with office appropriate oxfords.

Winter may be coming and thanks to designers, Fall 2014 fashion has our needs on lock when it comes to looking on trend and keeping warm this season.