31 Insider Pics from SMASH Instant Classic

Photography by Ryan Emberley

This past Tuesday, the Gardiner Museum’s Young Patron Circle partnered with FASHION Magazine and Toronto Life to host their inaugural SMASH event. This year’s “Instant Classic” themed soirée was curated by Art Director Justin Broadbent in a manner that perfected the amalgamation between high art and pop culture.

As the sun set, artists, patrons, and ceramics enthusiasts alike filled the museum, clad in attractive outfits which rivaled the installations themselves. Together, everyone celebrated and appreciated the beautiful and inspiring artwork surrounding them, envisioned by some of Toronto’s most talented creators. Soon, the atmosphere buzzed with creativity through various interactive installations including gorilla masks charades, a Nintendo-themed DJ, invites to graffiti a white picket fence, a live painting plus ceramics breaking display, acrobatic double-dutch skippers, live DJ sets that rocked the dancefloor and much more. Now readily recalling each instant at the “smashing” fête, it is clear that it definitely was not one to be missed.

Check out moments from the evening in our gallery below.