Harry Styles Kissed Lorde and Everyone is Freaking Out

We ship this.

The ARIA Music Awards were last night. Unless you’re Aussie, you probably have no idea what that is–and you chances are don’t really care. (ARIA stands for Australian Recording Industry Association, and the night celebrates Australian musicians. People like Tash Sultana, Amy Shark, Jimmy Barnes and dozens of other names you likely won’t recognize. Or care about.)

But there were a couple of people in the audience who you will recognize, and you definitely will care about. Harry Styles and Lorde each performed at the show in Sydney, and both were nominated for Best International Artist. When it was announced that Harry was the winner, this happened:

Did you catch that? No? Here’s another angle.

Is that who you think it is? Did they just do what you think they did? One more for clarity…

As he walked to the stage to accept the award, Harry took a momentary detour to visit Lorde (real name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor). The former One Direction member gave the New Zealand artist a big kiss on the cheek. And then he gave her another one. (Because, you know French style. Harry is classy like that.)

The Internet is, as expected, freaking out.

Hey, this might be a stretch, but could Harry’s hit song Kiwi a tribute to Lorde?

If we could dream up a celebrity powerhouse couple, this would be it. Can’t you just picture it: Lorde dancing down the aisle, Harry standing at the at the alter in a floral Gucci suit, Taylor Swift playing bridal chorus on the guitar, crying. (Doesn’t matter that they once dated and wrote songs about each other…they’re keeping it together for Ella, everyone!)

Or, if we can’t get a wedding, can we at least get a collab?

Call us Melodrama-tic, but we think these two are meant to be.