Harry Styles’ ‘Kiwi’ Video is Pure Internet Gold

Puppies! Cupcakes! Children in Gucci! Oh, and Harry Styles, duh.

Harry Styles just released his music video for “Kiwi,” and let us tell you: it’s pure Internet gold.

The three-minute clip features everything we could ever want in a video: cute kids in Gucci, tons of cakes and pastries, an epic food fight (we wish our school cafeteria fights were like this one) and — wait for it — HARRY STYLES HOLDING A PUPPY.

Also, A+ points for that facial expression. Dunkirk isn’t the only thing showing off the former One Direction member’s stellar acting skills.

Here’s another one, just for kicks:

But honestly, we appreciate that the video is mostly about the kids (and the food). Harry appears at the end of the vid as the ~*cool*~ headmaster who joins in the fight (and offering his look-a-like student a cupcake), all while holding that adorable golden lab pup. And can you imagine how fun it was for the kiddos? Getting to wear head-to-toe floral suits a la Harry Styles and throwing around food while surrounded by HARRY STYLES AND PUPPIES? We mean, that’s just the dream.

So is this class photo:

You can watch the video in its Harry, puppy and Gucci-filled glory below: