The Best Twitter Reactions to the Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Brushes Collab

Big news in the beauty vlogger-sphere: Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Brushes announced this weekend that they have collaborated on an eyeshadow palette. This comes after the massive success of Hill’s collaboration with Becca, so it’s no surprise that another brand has scooped up the ultra-popular vlogger. It appears it’s been in the making for a long time, too. “I was SO picky with the pigmentation, application & blend-ability,” Hill wrote on her Instagram account. “Our goal was to create something high quality with an affordable price. After two years we feel we mastered it.”

The palette will feature 35 (!!!) creamy, blendable shades and is dropping in March. We have a feeling this one will sell out really fast.

We rounded up the best Twitter reactions to the news, because it’s clear that people are here for this collab.