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Our panel of cross-country beauty experts share their tips and tricks for mastering even the most complicated hair and makeup looks. Have a question you want to see answered or want to become part of the Beauty Panel? Email us.


Brittany Messner

Calgary | Life, Set Sail

Brittany’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Hailing from British Coloumbia, Brittany is an island girl at heart. Since falling in love with the man of her dreams she now lives in Calgary, Alberta and enjoys the hustle and bustle of her new life in the city. With a passion for the beauty industry, Brittany enjoys using her blog, Life, Set Sail as a creative outlet, writing about new releases in makeup and showing her readers how to translate the latest trends into their everyday style. On her downtime you can find Brittany curled up with a good book, giant mug of tea, and her favourite candle. She is a firm believer that the simplest things in life are the ones that bring the most pleasure.

Jenn Fong

Vancounver | A Beautiful Zen

Jenn’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Jenn is a 20-something year old who has taken the plunge into the beauty community, feet first and arms flailing. After realizing that she was spending too much time watching beauty bloggers, and reading fashion blogs, she felt she needed a change. So instead of removing all these distractions she embraced the crazy and started a blog.

Always ready to try the latest in skincare and more than ready to experiment with color, Jenn brings a trusted and grounded voice to the beauty blogosphere. A Beautiful Zen has provided useful and hilarious commentary on beauty and lifestyle since 2013 and aims to be your voice of reason in the beauty world.

Tracy Szram

Edmonton | Beauty Reflections

Tracy’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Tracy is a 48-year-old blogger from Edmonton with a serious blush addiction. She’s pretty sure she’s one of the oldest beauty bloggers in Canada and is proud of it. Although, thanks to dedicated skincare practices and good genes, she still gets carded when ordering a drink at restaurants! Her passion in life is science, but makeup has always been a way to express her creativity and artistic side. She decided to share her love of makeup and all things beautiful when she started writing her blog, Beauty Reflections in 2010. When not blogging, you can find her shaking her booty at Zumba classes, hiking local walking trails, and visiting her daughter in California.

Erica Davis

Toronto | Diary of a Trendaholic

Erica’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Born and raised in Toronto, Erica holds a degree in Psychology and has worked in various hospital settings. Despite being a bit of a bookworm,
her passion for fashion, writing, makeup and photography inspired the launch of her blog, Diary of a Trendaholic, where she reviews the hottest products in the beauty industry and makes it easy for women to get the lowdown on formulas, quality, colour and application.

Erica describes her personal style as chic, glam and classy! She isn’t one to shy away from vivid hues and enjoys creating fun tutorials using bright colour.

Being a bit of an adventurist, Erica also writes about her exotic travels. From Dubai, Paris, Italy, Spain, Hawaii, Aruba and more she takes her readers on an exciting journey around the world. When she isn’t touring ancient ruins, exploring the rainforest or blogging backstage at Fashion Week, Erica enjoys live theatre, sunny patio days at a good restaurant, movies and of course, shopping!

Zoë Danielle

Halifax | Writing Whimsy

Zoë’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Having moved across Canada a couple times, Zoë is now working towards her PhD in beautiful rural Nova Scotia. In addition to studying plant genetics, she has a fondness for unicorns, purple nail polish and cream blushes.

Writing Whimsy is her space on the internet to share the things that make her happy, which includes makeup, fragrance, books and tea. She loves doing product reviews, putting together FOTDs, and trying to maintain a skincare routine. Her reviews are honest and she’s always excited to try out new products even if she’s never successfully managed winged eyeliner.

You can usually find Zoë scribbling something in glitter pen with a cup full of tea and an arm full of swatches.

Megan Joy

Toronto | Megan Joy

Megan’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Megan is a small town girl now living in the big city of Toronto. She loves all things vintage and can usually be found with a Starbucks in one hand and her iPhone in the other. Her blog features tutorials, DIYs and makeup looks along with product reviews and fashion inspiration. Her signature look is pink lipstick and winged liner, but you can catch her trying out almost anything (blue lipstick anyone?)

When she’s not writing or making YouTube videos you can find her on the couch snuggling her French Bulldog, Buffy.

Mikayla Tran

Toronto | Beauty Echoes

Mikayla’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Since the moment she could clumsily grab hold of her mom’s brand new Chanel red lipstick and chomp on it with her gummy teeth, Mikayla knew she had
great taste for beauty products. With a degree in Communications, and an unrelenting love for the beauty industry, she has always known that her passion lived in the editorial world, but like many new grads out there, she faced one of life’s biggest challenges – finding a career that would closely align within her field of interest. After receiving what seemed like a thousand rejection letters, she decided to pave her own path, because after all, if you don’t work towards your dreams you may end up spending your life working for someone else who did.
Beauty Echoes was created to echo all of life’s beautiful wonders as it is captured through Mikayla’s lens.

Alexa Lowe

Montreal | Stealing Beauty

Alexa’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Alexa is a university student majoring in communications and culture studies with a love for all things beauty and fashion. She can’t decide whether her biggest vice is her obsession with shoes or lipsticks. Best known for her beauty and hair tutorials watched by thousands on YouTube, she focuses on showing others how to enhance natural beauty rather than covering it all up! Among her achievements in 2011, she was featured on Much Music’s Trending show twice. Additionally, her most viewed tutorial, How to Cut Hair at Home, reached over 800,000 views. Her passion lies in inspiring others to embrace themselves, indulge a little bit, and try out a fuchsia lipstick–maybe.

Rema Benallal

Toronto | The Burgundy Book

Rema’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Born and bred British, Rema is a beauty writer who lives for the cold but sunny days. She works with Songza constantly playing in the background and a hot beverage firmly glued to her hand. By day she’s a digital marketing coordinator in the beauty industry and by night she writes with a scented candle close to her side. Obsessed with bold lips and olfactory experiences, her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, 29Secrets, Women’s Fitness UK and On her blog she focuses on beauty products that offer more than just an aesthetic presence. Whether its a colour that turns heads or a fragrance that stops people in their tracks she longs for beauty finds that deliver a deeper experience or feeling through colour, texture and scent.

Arianne de Guzman

Toronto | Glitter Geek

Arianne’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Arianne is the Toronto-based creator of Glitter Geek, a beauty blog full of beauty product reviews and makeup tutorials, written with a dash of geekery. Her philosophy with makeup is simple: take as many risks as possible because even if it looks horrid, it still washes off. She likes to take avant-garde runway looks and make them wearable for real life. If you take a peek inside her purse, you’re likely to find at least six lipsticks. In her busy day-to-day life, she follows Jeremy Renner’s classic makeup advice: Brows, lashes, lips. Frame the face.

Elaine Atkins

Toronto | Toronto Beauty Reviews

Elaine’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Elaine Atkins is an everyday girl from Toronto with a love for all things beauty and skincare. With a background in Chemical Engineering and a career in Pharmaceuticals, she was looking for something more creative to do when not in the office. Elaine launched Toronto Beauty Reviews in the fall of 2010 as an outlet to indulge in her girly side. Her charming writing style and down-to-earth attitude has established her blog as a local favourite. Product reviews, highlights from Toronto beauty and fashion events, features on local businesses, as well as a dash a personal style keep readers coming back for more. Elaine’s ideal day would be shopping, getting pampered, and of course dessert should be involved! Although she enjoys getting glammed up for a night out, you can usually find her in her PJs hanging out with her husband and cat Baxter.

Janella Panchamsingh

Toronto | Bold n Beautiful Makeup

Janella’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Janella is a wife/mother of three with a full time position at Sephora as a beauty consultant/freelance MUA and owner of the blog Bold n Beautiful Makeup. Janella decided to start blogging in 2008 while onmMaternity leave with her middle child. This journey began much like other women from watching videos of her favourite YouTube gurus. After much thought she decided to pursue her dreams and attend the Makeup Techiniques program offered at Centennial College. Thereafter she completed the program and began her career as a freelance MUA later on employed at Sephora. Janella enojoys the finer things in life such as being at home, reading, sleeping and, of course, the world of makeup–with glitter that is! A few of her must have beauty products are: Jack Black lip balm, Tarte Maracuja oil, Eyeko London mascara and LASHES!

Emily Chan


Emily’s BEAUTY PANEL posts One fine afternoon in 2010, Emily made her first post on THISWASFOREVER. An artist, a dreamer and an overachiever, Emily updates her blog regularly with a mixture of beauty and fashion posts. Inspired by the world around her, she believes that everything has its own beauty. On her blog, she shares her beauty secrets, homemade remedies, and fresh ideas for the everyday studying or working girls. Her philosophy is that beauty and fashion should be easy and effortless. So what’s her big secret for having flawless makeup? Start every morning with a sheet mask to ensure that the canvas has been rejuvenated.

Christa Potter

Kawartha Lakes | Perilously Pale

Christa’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Christa is a fair-skinned, beauty obsessed, online shopping addict and professional makeup artist dedicated to providing honest and thorough product reviews and recommendations. Living in a rural area Christa relied on beauty blogs and forums for swatches and reviews of products to aid her in making her online shopping decisions. Frustrated by the lack of beauty websites featuring makeup on fair skin, and some of the more niche brands she loved, she decided to launch the beauty blog Perilously Pale in 2011 in hopes of helping others. Christa is passionate about providing accurate photographs as well as showing the products actually in use. From drugstore to high end, mainstream to niche, she has you covered.

Anjali Handa

Toronto | Rock That Look

Anjali’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Anjali is a beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Toronto. She believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and hopes to encourage the exploration and discovery of both inner and outer beauty through her writing. Anjali inspires others to step out of their comfort zones and try new looks, new products and new ways of thinking. Obsessed with social media, you’ll find Anjali sharing daily photos and random thoughts on her Twitter and Instagram feeds. You’ll often find photos of bold lips, smoldering eyeliner and heavy blush–all pieces of her signature look. Though she is in a constant debate of whether or not to cut bangs, Anjali currently rocks bangs, and it’s a move she never regrets.

Alison Leong

Vancouver | alison*elle

Alison’s BEAUTY PANEL posts A lawyer by profession, Alison maintains her love of all things fashion & beauty through her blog, alison*elle. Founded in 2010 as a creative escape from the academic rigours of law school, alison*elle incorporates Alison’s favourite elements of blogging into one place: from product reviews and beauty tutorials to personal style posts and snippets of her life in Vancouver.

Sandra D. Sobon

Mississauga | Moms Makeup Stash

Sandra’s BEAUTY PANEL postsSandra is a 38-year-old wife and mother of two whose beauty site provides a creative escape from her everyday corporate routine (and day job) as a Healthcare Manager at one of Toronto’s major hospitals. Just over a year ago, with a love for all things beauty and a background working in the beauty industry, Sandra decided to launch her own personal beauty blog. Best known for featuring both high end and budget-friendly product reviews, Moms Makeup Stash appeals to woman of any age. Sandra loves experimenting with different beauty looks but can usually be spotted wearing a neutral brown/blue smoky eye and nude lips. Her makeup philosophy is “makeup can only enhance your appearance but proper skincare is key” and credits her rigorous skin care regime to her youthful looking skin. An artist, compulsive organizer and social butterfly, Sandra never pays full price for anything and loves to cook. She also thinks less is more when it comes to makeup, despite her current obsession with bold lips and vibrant nails.

Fiona Man

Toronto | Product Wars

Fiona’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Fiona always had a love and interest for makeup artistry. After graduating from university, she entered the realm of social media. She created a popular segment on YouTube called “Product Wars.” The concept was putting beauty products with similar claims against one another through a series of tests to determine a clear winner. Little did she know, that this outlet would increase her fascination with makeup by exposing her to new brands, products, looks, techniques and networks and eventually result in her becoming a makeup artist. Fiona is always testing new products to ensure that her clients receive a long-lasting and flawless look on their wedding day!

Genevieve Peeke

Montreal | Gen In The City

Genevieve’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Genevieve is a young and passionate fashion marketing student with a love for anything girly! She writes about fashion, beauty, decor and anything else related to a young girl’s life in the big city. She is a contributor for Fave Magazine, runs her own popular city life blog, Gen in the City, and has had a big passion for writing since she was little. Genevieve is also an accomplished actress and plus-size model. She is known for her outgoing, bubbly personality and her energetic and driven work ethic.

Michèle Leung

Toronto | Ruban x Rose

Michèle’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Michèle Leung is a trend aficionado constantly searching for something new and exciting. She loves all aspects of beauty and discovering hot “it” products. Whether it’s local or international, she’s always on the hunt for that holy grail product. She started her blog as a hobby and has since had great opportunities such as going backstage at fashion shows and attending fun launches. A lover of the glamorous, the gorgeous, and a hint of macabre, she hopes to continue to take her audience on her blogging adventures.

Maria Aguilar


Maria’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Maria is a Filipina-Canadian who works and plays in all things creative and digital. She has a fun personality and loves to laugh (at her own jokes). Her love for makeup started as a toddler, when she competed in pageants in the Philippines and she has never looked back. Creating a lifestyle/beauty blog was only natural and she launched in 2013. Maria regularly updates with a little bit of everything she loves: beauty, fitness, food, life etc. And yes, true beauty is from within, but a red lipstick doesn’t hurt.

Marilou Moles

Ottawa | Twenty York Street

Marilou’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Manila-born, Asia-raised and now Ottawa-based, Marilou Moles is an acclaimed Canadian blogger and diversely published writer and editor, who specializes in fashion, lifestyle and fitness. Founder and creative director of Twenty York Street, she is a closet-beauty product hoarder who recently came into terms with the oneness of beauty and fashion. A fitness and yoga instructor for over 10 years, Marilou recently launched a new digital web development, marketing and social media boutique agency, Skyfall Blue, in addition to her part-time gig as a radio host and full-time gig as an analyst in the areas of politics, security and international relations. While she is regularly published and/or featured in many TV, print and online publications, she is also constantly scouring the sale rack at the mall or the bargain bins at the local drugstore for the latest gems in beauty products.

Stephanie Lau

Toronto | Fun Size Beauty

Stephanie’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Stephanie is the mind behind the Toronto-based blog Fun Size Beauty. She likes to think outside the box and create diverse content ranging from comprehensive product reviews to dramatic runway-inspired makeup looks and face mask testing with her boyfriend. As a full-time accounting student, Stephanie started her blog in late 2012 as a productive way to balance school with her budding obsession for beauty and fashion.She hasn’t looked back ever since. When she isn’t furiously whipping up blog posts (or studying), you can find her consulting with start-up businesses or cooking up a storm.

Shivani Malhotra

Calgary | Adorable On Your Vanity

Shivani’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Shivani is the “editor” and by that she means, the only person behind the beauty blog called Adorable On Your Vanity. Blogging since 2010, she has gotten to write about a gazillion beauty products. Because of beauty blogging and continuously trying to improve her site, she has also taken up the hobby of photography. If not working or blogging, she is either walking her dog, sipping on tea or planning her future travels.

Amanda Raponi Hart

Oakville | Vanity Presse

Amanda’s BEAUTY PANEL posts As a child, Amanda’s favourite part of figure skating competitions was playing with makeup before she actually got on the ice to skate. Bored at her desk job, she created Vanity Presse in March 2011 as an outlet to write about her favourite beauty products, fashion and food. Recently married, she also writes about bridal skincare and makeup. Amanda now writes Vanity Presse with her sister, Anna Raponi, and enjoys a much more interesting career in the magazine industry.

Anna Raponi

Oakville | Vanity Presse

Anna’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Anna is a contributor to Vanity Presse, a beauty blog founded by her sister, Amanda Raponi in 2011. Anna’s interest in the fashion industry sparked after watching Jeanne Bekker regularly on Fashion Television and frequenting her favourite blogs, where she found inspiration to branch out. As a high-school student, Anna is both creative and logical, and loves essay-writing and painting. Anna is open to trying out new trends and uses fashion and makeup as a creative outlet. She hopes to eventually pursue a career in fashion communications and is not willing to compromise passion for a lame nine to five.

Maggie Ng

Toronto | Beauty PhD

Maggie’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Maggie Ng is a humble, yet accomplished Toronto makeup artist. With a decade of experience in the beauty industry doing makeup and hair for magazine editorials, commercial photo shoots and bridal clients, she felt the need to create a beauty and lifestyle blog called Beauty PhD—where she could share her extensive knowledge, expertise and advice! With her love for photography and writing, starting a blog was the perfect fit. She is inspired by her surroundings and loves to travel. She writes about anything that sparks her interests and enjoys learning new things.

Laurelle Alexandra

Toronto | Paint Me Pretty

Laurelle’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Laurelle is a professional makeup artist and esthetician. She is a beauty addict who specializes in wedding makeup and nail art. When she’s not at her day job, she enjoys sharing her passion for the beauty industry by blogging. She is the founder of Paint Me Pretty, a blog dedicated to beauty with a splash of fashion and lifestyle to keep things interesting. Her blog features product reviews, fashion looks, and nail designs. As a dedicated beauty professional, she strives to give women tips on how to feel beautiful.

Samantha Johnston

Toronto | Instagram

Samantha Johnston posts
Samantha is a beauty writer and video/ digital media producer from Toronto, Canada. Her introduction to the world of makeup artistry came in the form of being a regular model for her MUA twin at Complections (now CMU). It was here she picked up tricks and techniques of the industry, and where any hesitation to test out more outrageous looks virtually vanished. With a bachelors in Fashion Design, and a regular writer on beauty site, she’s no stranger to hard work and pushing boundaries.

Amy Surphlis

Oshawa |

Amy’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
After spending a year studying Marketing abroad in Ireland, this 25-year-old beauty junkie is back to her hometown of Courtice, Ontario. Amy is a trained makeup artist with Smashbox Cosmetics and has worked with multiple beauty/skincare brands while she was a Beauty Boutique Expert for Shoppers Drug Mart. The move to blogging came naturally, as she has always loved helping others with their beauty needs. Outside of the beauty world, Amy’s favourite past time is Netflix and planning out her next holiday or road trip.

Katie Elwood

Vancouver |

Katie’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Katie is a makeup artist with a serious love for all things related to beauty. She has been around the Vancouver beauty scene for 10 years, freelancing and working in the cosmetics industry for top lines such as Laura Mercier, Giorgio Armani, Shu Uemura and Smashbox.

She now is quickly becoming a sought-after artist in the wedding industry and continues to explore her creativity with her editorial work.

Best known for a natural beauty look, she loves a pop of colour whether it be a bold lip or bright liner. In 2013, Katie launched a beauty and lifestyle blog on her website as an extension of her company to give makeup tips to her clients as well as an outlet for her other passions.

Julie Martinson

Toronto | Swatch & Review

Julie’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
It all started the day she tried her first MAC lipstick. A passion was born and a spark was created. From that day, Julie knew that the beauty world was where she belonged. But how do you bring a passion to life? Write about it! Julie has been a professional writer for over 15 years, from her start as a music journalist to her early days as a copywriter to her more recent promotion to creative director. So creating a blog of her own that was a true reflection of her interests and personality was just a natural evolution.

Chelsea Lennox

Chelsea Lennox

Vancouver | Olive & Ivy

Chelsea’s BEAUTY PANEL posts
Chelsea is beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger with a love for getting dressed up, web and graphic design and anything Hello Kitty. On Olive & Ivy, you’ll find all of her latest beauty obsessions, real life outfits and some of her life happenings.

Colleen Conroy

Vancouver | Blush Rouge

Colleen’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Colleen has been happily immersed in the beauty world for over ten years; working alongside senior artists at M.A.C Cosmetics, being represented by a reputable artist agency, and doing makeup on various TV & Film sets such as Fringe, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow. She believes in bright lips, Brigitte Bardot hair, a classic cat eye, and organic skin care. Always game for anything DIY, you will often find Colleen cutting her own hair, testing out new nail art trends, and whipping up a yummy face mask. Her beauty blog Blush Rouge is where you’ll find stories about her experiences in the industry. It is a special place where she combines her love for makeup, hair, barbering, and photography.

Sarah Muncaster

Toronto | Beauty Funk

Sarah’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Sarah is the creator of Toronto-based lifestyle blog, Beauty Funk, which features primarily beauty related posts with a smattering of style, foodie, and opinion pieces in between. She started blogging and vlogging regularly in November of 2013 as a creative outlet for writing and her love of superficial things (not sorry). She works in online publishing and content creation both as a career and a hobby. Check out her blog for lots of DIY skincare, makeup tutorials, healthy recipes, and the odd venture into creative writing.

Maisie Dunbar

Germantown, MD | Maisie Dunbar

Maisie’s BEAUTY PANEL posts The president and founder of the award-winning Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge, she is a sought-after beauty professional in Hollywood, West Africa, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Natalie Davis

Montreal | Ivory Avenue

Natalie’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Natalie writes her beauty blog, Ivory Avenue, from a small town outside of Montreal. What started as a creative outlet, grew into a way to deal with day-to-day stress. What better way to relax than by applying a face mask or a great creme polish? Ivory Avenue has a wide range of focus on makeup, skincare, fragrance and bath products. Natalie loves sharing her own way to try out new trends. Ivory Avenue is filled with makeup looks, products reviews, and tips and tricks that all share her honest voice and creative perspective. When she’s not writing, Natalie is likely dancing around the house to the soundtrack of Wicked.

Cassy Jones

Ottawa | Exquisitely Chic

Cassy’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Cassy is a born and raised country girl-turned-military-wife, with a heart that yearns for the city. Living close to Ottawa,
she loves to take day-trips to the city to get her shopping, beauty and Starbucks fix.

She pours her profound knowledge of beauty (stemming from her Makeup Artistry and Aesthetics background) into her blog, Exquisitely Chic. Cassy’s main passion is helping women of all ages feel and look as beautiful as they are on the inside, and make it shine through on the outside.

Jayne Lim

Vancouver | Cosmetic Proof

Jayne’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Jayne is a proud Vancouverite whose blogging beginnings started in 2011 with a nail art dotting tool. Cosmetic Proof began as a way to be a girly girl while waiting for nails to dry during Java coding sessions. She also has a Biology background that she tries to embrace, despite not working in the industry, which manifests itself in her nerdy nail art. Jayne believes that makeup should enhance and not hide, but when it IS time to wear it, have a blast doing it and don’t stick to the ordinary! She is a skincare junkie currently with a 6-step nightly routine and is always open to adding more to maintain that youthful glow. Having only discovered this enormous beauty playground a few years ago, Jayne is only just scraping the lipstick surface and hopes to conduct many future “experiments” that will encourage others to play, make some mistakes and be unafraid to wear glittery blue eyeshadow. When not blogging, Jayne can be found with her hubby and fluffy cat or sketching out new nail designs.

Ashley Pettigrew

Calgary | Lions Lace Lattes

Ashley’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Lions Lace Lattes is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog written by Ashley Pettigrew. Ashley documents daily makeup looks, favourite products and product reviews, her personal style, local fashion and beauty events, and life in Calgary. Ashley sees beauty and fashion as a creative way to express her personality, and has had a love for all things beauty from a young age. Outside of blogging Ashley is currently pursing a Master of Counselling, and her future plans including registering as a Psychologist in Alberta.

Jennifer Francis

Durham | Spiced Beauty

Jennifer’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Jennifer is a Canadian beauty blogger that fell in love with makeup after browsing through special FX videos on YouTube back in early 2008. She sees her beauty blog as the perfect getaway from her full-time job doing digital media and corporate videos. She started not only for women of color but for anyone that just wants to try something new and don’t know where to start. Her top five favourite beauty products are Make Up For Ever HD foundation, L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse lipsticks, Annabelle Cosmetics smudgeliners, Maybelline VolumExpress The Rocket Mascara and Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner.

Joyce Wong

Toronto | Sparkly Playground

Joyce’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Joyce is a Toronto-based blogger writing about anything that sparks her interest. On her blog, Sparkly Playground, she shares her love of beauty, fashion, DIY tutorials, bargain finds, travels, cute items bedazzled with Swarovski Crystals and so much more! She was previously featured in the Toronto Star for her creative approach to modern fashion art and was a guest in a Vaughan Mills Style Agents episode. Joyce’s goal is to share her discoveries of beauty in the world surrounding us.

Michelle Mullins

Toronto | LipstickRules

Michelle’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Michelle Mullins is a wife, mom, career woman by day and an award-winning beauty blogger by night. She is the creator and writer behind LipstickRules. On her blog, she shares her views on lipstick (of course) and makeup and beauty. Michelle has been quoted in national newspapers, and collaborates with many established and up-and-coming beauty and makeup brands. In 2011, LipstickRules was named Best Beauty or Fashion Blog in Canada at the P&G Beauty & Grooming Awards.

Alicia Gilby

London | Funny Face Beauty

Alicia’s BEAUTY PANEL posts With a love for the beauty industry, and a passion for writing, Alicia, a self-confessed makeup addict, and all-around product junkie, started her blog, Funny Face Beauty, in 2010. Known for her in-depth reviews of both high-end and drugstore products, Alicia dreams of one day becoming the beauty editor of a national magazine. When not sitting at her desk, playing with, and writing about, the latest beauty products, Alicia enjoys decorating, party planning and DIY crafts. Like her idol, Audrey Hepburn, Alicia believes that ‘true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul’ and, so, emphasizes both inner and outer beauty in her posts.

Tess Lopez

Toronto | Makeup By Tess

Tess’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Tess Lopez is an editorial supervisor by day and a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger by night. She successfully graduated from The School of Professional Make-up located in Toronto and continues to move forward thriving as an artist, touching on every area of her craft from bridal, fashion, television to creative makeup. She shares her love of makeup, her experiences as an artist, and her makeup savvy through her beauty blog, Makeup By Tess. Most of all, Tess enjoys getting to know her clients and fellow colleagues. She feels that through every encounter she is able to grow both as a person and as an artist. Her goal as a make-up artist, in her own words, is to “make people feel beautiful both inside and out.”

Andrea Victory-LaCasse

Toronto | Shop Pretty

Andrea’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Andrea Victory-LaCasse is a Toronto-based beauty writer originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Her preference for eco-friendly brands reflects a growing industry movement and a whole-body beauty philosophy. Andrea has a background as a makeup artist, a beauty intern at FASHION Magazine and an entrepreneur. In 2011, Andrea launched the first entirely clean and green beauty shop in downtown Toronto and was crowned one of Toronto’s five Fashion Heroes by NOW Magazine. Now a freelance beauty writer, you can find Andrea writing regularly about “clean and green” beauty on her site and for other publications.

Dani Fuentes

Vancouver | Call It Beauty

Dani’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Dani is a Vancouver based singer/performer who started blogging as a means to amalgamate two of her favourite things: writing and makeup. As a beauty blogger, her focus is on product reviews and creating different makeup looks, the latter of which led her to pursuing a career in makeup artistry. She is currently finishing her studies in makeup artistry and is also working as a freelance makeup artist. To Dani, makeup is not just about looking more polished in her day to day life, it’s also about creativity and fun. She is definitely not afraid of colour, often playing up her lips with bright, vivid hues. As a member of the Lipstick Bandits, lipstick is definitely one of her absolute favourite makeup products; but she also loves eyeliner, blush, and body care products that smell like vanilla. Dani’s interests don’t just lie within the beauty world, though; she also loves the performing arts and travelling. One day, she hopes to be able to perform and travel the world for a living.

Aleeza Agno

Toronto | Stylish & Literate

Aleeza’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Aleeza is the editor of the Toronto-based beauty and life(style) blog, Stylish & Literate. Her blog is a fun mix of helpful beauty reviews, shameless shopping endeavours, outfit of the days and the occasional foodie post. Aleeza began blogging on a whim in 2010. She has always enjoyed dabbling in beauty and makeup, but with a career in accounting, she had to find another outlet for her superficial loves. Her approach to any makeup look, whether it’s a red lip or a bold brow, is to be confident and to have fun with it.

Gaby Fauchon

Montreal | Gaby’s Beauty Blog

Gaby’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Gaby has a university degree in Translation but her true passions are beauty and animals. She started her cruelty-free beauty blog in 2009 thanks to a magazine article she spotted about the online beauty community. Her blog features products that have not been tested on animals, tips, makeup looks, tutorials, outfits, vegetarian cooking recipes and a few series such as her never-ending quest for the perfect hair color and her struggle to get rid of eczema for good.

Dee Thomson

Burlington | Liner Glitter Gloss

Dee’s BEAUTY PANEL postsA longtime obsession with all things beauty led Dee to create her blog in November 2011. She’s always on the hunt for the next big thing and brings her readers the latest and greatest in beauty news, tips, and reviews. She’s obsessed with pink and anything that sparkles and hopes to one day work for a fashion and beauty magazine. Her beauty must haves? L’Oréall Paris Power 24H Voluminous Mascara, Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm and IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer.

Gerry Xun

Vancouver | The Bunnie Hole

Gerry’s BEAUTY PANEL postsGerry is a Vancouver gal with a big city heart and a little country in her soul who has a secret identity as a beauty blogging bunny named “PBunnieP.” With her multimedia content, she aims to make beauty simple and approachable for everyone, whether you wear a little or a lot. Her detailed product reviews attracts viewers from all over the world, who are seeking news from the latest bb cream to that miracle face mask. With interactive videos and engaging photographs, she hopes to take you on wonderful journey through life’s beautiful moments.

Ellie Somfelean

Montreal | My Beauty Box

Ellie’s BEAUTY PANEL postsEllie is a naturopath and total beauty and makeup addict. She is passionate about nutrition, natural health and anything skincare and makeup related.
She loves whipping up home-made masks, testing new beauty trends and wearing every nail and lip colour under the sun. She started her blog as an outlet to fuel her passion, share her experiences, review products and connect with fellow beauty junkies around the world.

JJ Cowan

Toronto | SFYGF

JJ’s BEAUTY PANEL postsBorn and raised in Toronto, JJ Cowan spent her formative years attentively snooping through her mother’s makeup bag and aimlessly roaming the isles of Shoppers Drug Mart in hopes of uncovering a new beauty find. As an adult, JJ’s dedication to beauty has yet to weaver as she has made the beauty cause her life path. Founder of The Former Group, JJ Cowan is a certified Eyelash Extension and Waxing Specialist and self professed beauty guru. She can often be found extending the lashes of her clients or writing about beauty on her lifestyle blog, Secrets From Your Girlfriends (SFYGF).

Aïda Michelle Lopes

Montreal | I Fell For That

Aïda’s BEAUTY PANEL postsAïda came to Montréal four years ago to study in communication and fell in love with the city. She’s currently working in public relations and blog on the side. She created her blog I Fell For That in 2010 to share all the things she falls for on a daily basis. Her interests go from music to fashion, beauty, photography and so on. She’s also a social media junkie and can be found under @aidaML_ on Twitter and Instagram.

Shayna Wiwierski

Winnipeg | A Pop of Colour

Shayna’s BEAUTY PANEL postsShayna Wiwierski is a magazine editor by day, fitness instructor, freelance writer/editor and beauty blogger by night. Never shy in front of the camera, this prairie girl started A Pop of Colour, a beauty and lifestyle blog, in 2011 and her love of cosmetics soon became a full-on obsession which led to a cosmetic hoarding problem. When she isn’t writing about the newest trend or interviewing celebrity hairstylists, she likes chilling with her “son,” an American Eskimo dog named Ziggy.

Michelle Louie

Toronto | A Lovely Allure

Michelle’s BEAUTY PANEL postsMichelle Louie is a full-time business student and beauty blogger, who recently discovered her passion for makeup, writing, and reading, about all things beauty and fashion. She enjoys photography and of course, online shopping in her spare time. Michelle hopes to gain professional makeup and fashion editing experience in the future, but for now she learns her techniques and tips from youtube and fellow bloggers. She believes that people are constantly growing, learning, and changing for the better, and she enjoys sharing what she has learned throughout her experiences with others.

Kelly Freeman

Mississauga | Glitter Diaries

Kelly’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Ever since “stealing” her mother’s makeup palette when she was a young girl, makeup has always been in Kelly’s veins.

After finishing the makeup program at The School of Makeup Art back in 2008, Kelly started dabbling in beauty blogging but after a short time, decided to focus on her makeup artistry business. A hunger for sharing her knowledge and experimental attitude towards makeup led her to get back into the blogging scene with Glitter Diaries in the beginning of 2011. Having a journalism background and an ever growing makeup and beauty collection, Glitter Diaries has become Kelly’s outlet for sharing her thoughts on the latest products, looks and trends, and helping to inspire others to take chances and have fun with makeup.

Amy Mckissock

Burlington | Bratty B

Amy’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Amy is a 20-something beauty addict from the GTA and the founder of the pretty vain, a blog devoted to all things beauty.

Her blog features helpful beauty reviews, nail art designs and the always exciting “look of the day.” She began blogging in February of 2012 as a means to give her passion a proper outlet. With a career in fashion and merchandising, she understands the importance of beauty in the industry and strives to make it affordable and easy for anyone from beginners to other beauty gurus.

Nisha Sawhney

Markham | Your Favorite Nisha

Nisha’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Nisha is a blogger and YouTuber based in Markham, Ontario. She started blogging and making YouTube videos after continuously being asked about how she curls her hair. Her focus is to show her viewers and readers how to enhance their natural beauty (inside and out), while having fun with makeup. Nisha motivates her subscribers to be confident and sees herself as the “go-to big sister for all things beauty and fashion”. While working in marketing and sales, Nisha also does freelance makeup. Ultimately, she likes to laugh and make others laugh.

Eugenia Ragas

Montreal | Ommorphia Beauty Bar

Eugenia’s BEAUTY PANEL posts The world of makeup can be transformative. A swipe of lipstick, a quick pop of blush, a pass with the mascara wand and instantly, your mood is changed. I’ve loved all things beauty for as long as I can remember and combined with my love of writing, creating my blog back in 2010 became the perfect way of merging both worlds. High-end products push all my buttons (Chanel-addicted, yes!) and I’m known for my nail polish obsession—but I’m always on the lookout for the latest products to share with my readers.

Richa Dwivedi

Burlington |

Richa’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Richa is a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. After completing a degree in Computer Engineering, she moved to Canada and started making YouTube videos and blogging to pursue her love for fashion and beauty, while still working full-time as an IT professional.

Alicia Brunton

Vancouver | The Beauty Geek

Alicia’s BEAUTY PANEL posts An aesthetician by trade, Alicia has been in the beauty industry for 9 years. Ever since learning about products and skin, she has thrived in the industry, presenting the most beneficial tips, tricks and education to individuals looking for those last-minute questions to be answered.

6 years ago she created The Beauty Geek Blog and it has been her outlet ever since. From product reviews, skincare education to DIYs, she has it all on The Beauty Geek Blog. She resides in Vancouver, British Columbia where she can have all the beauty of the mountains, ocean and greenery in her backyard! When Alicia isn’t blogging, she is brainstorming her next big idea, crocheting or experiencing the outdoors.

Kira Paran

Edmonton | Northern Style Exposure

Kira’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Blogging for over half a decade, this Edmonton based blogger loves everything in the aesthetic department. Although she is a busy mom, she still finds some “me time” with her daily makeup routine and skincare rituals. Passionate about the environment and her family’s health, expect to see natural product options, time-efficient beauty game changers and skincare essentials on her popular Canadian lifestyle blog.

Rebecca Pilozo-Melara

Mississauga | Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir

Rebecca’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Meet Rebecca. Her obsession with beauty came from trying to replicate the looks of the women she saw on the cover of the hottest magazines. She’s a self-taught makeup artist who has a knack for cosmetics and has since learned beauty tricks from Laura Mercier while assisting numerous celebrity makeup artists.

Studying journalism at Humber College has helped Rebecca intertwine her multimedia skills with her artistry, leading to the creation of Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir.

Rebecca’s Beauty Boudoir is a place where anyone can learn about the hottest beauty trends, tricks and products while also providing tips on a balanced lifestyle.

Shawna Friedberg

Toronto | Spill the Beauty

Shawna’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Shawna is a Toronto-based blogger, who originally started her blog in 2011 to keep track of her nail polish combinations.

She then started playing around with makeup, and decided to incorporate it into her blog. It turned into a full-fledged obsession, and now she can’t keep track of what she has in her battle station (a.k.a. makeup stash). She loves reality tv, Broadway and all things carb-y.

Samantha Murphy

Toronto | Samantha Jane

Samantha’s BEAUTY PANEL posts Samantha Jane was born in the east coast, but recently moved to Toronto to be in the thick of the Canadian beauty world. Obsessed with beauty and chatting, starting a YouTube Channel was a natural step! She hopes to educate and entertain her followers in a friendly and approachable way – as if you are talking to a friend that spends the majority of her time in the beauty aisle with arms covered in swatches. Keep an eye out for her co-host Roux, her Siamese cat.