hairstyles for rainy days colleen conroy

4 Super-Quick Hairstyles That Are Perfect for a Rainy Day

The days are longer. Our parkas are long. The sun is (sometimes) shining. While the season promises warmer days, it also means we have to put up with some rainy ones. Although April showers do bring May flowers, rain can be quite the nuisance to our morning beauty routine, especially on our hair.

While throwing on a rain hat is one way to keep the frizz down and hair dry, it’s definitely not the most glamorous option. Hat hair is also another reason to deter us. To make sure we don’t have to sacrifice a good hair day, we tapped our Beauty Panel members to share some of their go-to styling tips when tackling a rainy and windy day.

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hairstyles for rainy days chelsea olivia

Chelsea Olivia
Vancouver | Chelsea Olivia

Braids are my jam. Not only do I love to resort to them for second day (or third day… let’s be real) hair, but they’re also great for those horrible windy and rainy days when the weather turns your hair into a frazzled mess. It keeps everything on lockdown and also dresses up an otherwise simple bun or ponytail!

For this loose French braided messy bun, I start by spraying the crown of my head with Evo’s Root Canal volumizing spray for a little extra volume, then take a two-inch section on one side of my part along my hairline and French braid it down to my ear (and then finish the braid normally from there). Before pulling it all into a messy bun, I gently pull at the pieces in my braid (starting from the bottom of the braid) to loosen it up and give it an effortless vibe. I finish it all off with Evo’s Love Touch Shine Spray to lock down the frizz and add a bit of shine. I don’t like to use a hairspray with this hairstyle because I love the undone look of it.

Products used: Evo Root Canal, Evo Love Touch

hairstyles for rainy days colleen conroy

Colleen Conroy
Vancouver | Blush Rouge

Living in Vancouver, the land of wind and rain, figuring out how to wear your hair when the weather isn’t quite so nice is a common challenge. Luckily there are some great options out there.

One of the easiest, and sometimes most put together look, is the classic topknot. It gets the hair right off the face (take that, wind!) and even if it gets a bit wet, it just looks sleeker (in your face, rain!). I always surprise myself when I wear this look. It is my I’m-late-for-work-and-I-just-don’t-have-time-for-my-hair look. Yet whenever I wear it, I get mega compliments. I like to pair it with bold accents, such as my dark framed glasses, or bright lips. Having your hair off your face in such a way really creates a fresh, exposed canvas to work on and accessorize.

Also, try out a couple twists to the original. Here, I’m borrowing inspo from Kimmy K with her recent inside-out braid obsession. Create two French braids, but instead of braiding over, braid under and you will get a nicely raised and exposed braid. Once you reach the crown, gather all hair into a pony and pin into a topknot. I’ve also worn this style with a French braid in the back, starting at the nape of my neck and working up to the bun. Or why not do a simple braid across the front? There are so many options to try!

Products used: Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo, Tresemmé Unscented Extra Hold Hairspray, Teasing Comb, DannyCo Bobby Pins

hairstyles for rainy days shawna friedberg

Shawna Friedberg
Toronto | Spill the Beauty

Sometimes gloomy weather makes me want to pop on a baseball cap and call it a day. But don’t let the rain bring you down– you can still sport something that looks like you put forth some effort.

This 5-minute hairstyle is both functional and fashionable. Not only does it keep the hair out of my face (necessary on those windy days), it also holds up, even if it gets rained on. To start, I parted my hair in the middle. I took my side bangs and a small piece from the front to create a small braid on both the left and right side of my part. I joined the two braids together at the back of my head with a bobby pin. Then, I covered the bobby pin with a bow, and voila! The perfect rainy day hairstyle.

hairstyles for rainy days marilou moles

Marilou Moles
Ottawa | Twenty York Street

Spring showers may bring lovely flowers but boy, they also put a damper on a good hair day.

My foolproof way to make sure my hairstyle is on point even when it’s rainy and windy out? Two words: Hats and braids.

A hat or a braid worn separately is chic, but when you put them together, it’s genius. The hat keeps the hair from getting wet, while the braid ensures no frizz or unruliness. It’s best done with un-shampooed hair (yet another reason to love this hairstyle!) for a little bit of texture. But if you do choose to wash your hair, use volumizing shampoo like Hair Recipes made for fine or oily hair.

First, tie a side swept ponytail. Then, separate your hair into three sections and braid away. Make sure you secure the ends with a no-pull elastic like the ones from Goody and top it off with a cute hat (like this military-inspired one from Le Château!) or a fedora. Finish it with a bright, happy lipstick. Spring, here I come!

Products used: L’Oréal Hair Expertise Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner, Klorane Dry Shampoo, Dr. Roebuck’s Moisturizer, Reversa Radiance Cream SPF 30, Vichy BB Cream, SST Powerstay Highlighting Stick in Euphoric, Joe Fresh x Shoppers Drugmart Stick Foundation, Looky Eyes Mascara and Nyx Cosmetics Liquid Suede in “#08”

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