WTF, Gwyneth Paltrow? 5 clean, luxe, high-performing skincare brands she should know about

I’ve never been a GP hater. I didn’t get rage-y when she announced her separation to Chris Martin with the phrase “conscious uncoupling”, I rolled my eyes and swiftly moved on when she suggested steaming your vagina, and come to think of it, when she became Juice Beauty’s creative director and collaborated on an organic makeup collection, I thought it could be a huge leap forward in making the category more appealing to the masses.

But when she said (in the Glamour cover shoot video below) that the reason she created Goop skincare was because she was “looking for an organic, very luxe, very high performing skincare regimen” and couldn’t find one, I yelled at my screen. Because quite frankly, she’s full of shit. Ok fine, I’m sure she is never constipated (all those leafy greens and fibre) but you know what I mean. I would have more respect for her if she just said she wanted to put her own spin on skincare, but to claim it doesn’t exist? There are more options in that category than ever before, many of which are sold on her own damn site. Here’s five amazing brands that currently fit the description of this so-called white space in the beauty world.